We reckon we’ve worked out exactly who the talented singer is behind the Popcorn mask on The Masked Singer Australia 2022.

Based on some telling clues and his charming voice, we think Popcorn is none other than Black and Gold hitmaker Sam Sparro.

And we’re not the only ones! In fact, Sportsbet placed Sam Sparro as their first choice to be Popcorn, with odds of $1.44.

Popcorn, is that you? We think Sam Sparro is behind the mask. Source: Instagram

Which Clues Make Us Think Sam Sparro is Popcorn on the Masked Singer Australia 2022

In the clue package, he says: “Hi, I’m Popcorn, let’s have some fun! I went from nothing to huge in the blink of an eye, or that’s how it seems to you but there’s a lot of work in being an overnight success.”

We think this is referring to Sam’s smash hit single Black and Gold, which launched him into stardom in 2008.

The clue “if I got stuck on a desert island…” is referring to the record label that represents Sam, Island Records.

He later told the judges that he has “a very strong connection to a particular island, but it’s certainly not where I found love”.

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In the footage, Popcorn stood by a desert road holding a sign that said “Fame” as pink clouds rolled by in the background.

The Fame sign is referencing the 2009 film, which has Black and Gold in the soundtrack. Meanwhile, the pink clouds are a reference to another single of his, called Pink Clouds.

A bodyguard comes in holding a tray with a bible, as well as a baseball and a rubber snake on it. The Bible could be a reference to his religious upbringing, which is an underlying theme throughout his music.

Popcorn’s Other Clues on The Masked Singer Australia

Popcorn also shares the clue that his Wikipedia says his ancestors come from Mexico, before adding: “I don’t think that’s true but maybe it is because I’ve been in a lot of places. It’s hard to know where home is…”

Sam’s Wikipedia mentions his family’s Maltese-Australian heritage, but nothing about having Mexican ancestors.

But the Wikipedia page for IRL popcorn does mention that “Corn was domesticated about 10,000 years ago in what is now Mexico”. Who comes up with these clues?

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“It’s hard to know where home is…” could reference that Sam moved from Australia to LA when he was a child.

Popcorn says he’d like to be on a desert island with “Kylie, of course, and Lady Gaga“.

Sam is openly gay, and both artists – Kylie Minogue (we’re assuming that’s the right Kylie) and Lady Gaga – are considered icons in the LGBTQI+ community.

Both Sam’s song Black and Gold and Lady Gaga’s debut album The Fame came out in 2008.

Sam and Gaga were often compared to each other in this era because of their similar electro sounds and extravagant stage outfits.

In the video, Popcorn picked up the snake and kissed it before he was seen on a desert island where a tiger roared beside him.

Not to be NSFW, but could the snake represent something else? Too far? Okay, we’ll see ourselves out…

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