Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Olivia Frazer has taken to Instagram to share her (very extensive) blocked list, and shock horror: fellow MAFS alum Jessika Power is totally on there.

The two brides have had their fair share of back and forth since the ninth season aired, particularly after Jessika — a successful AF OnlyFans creator — took issue with how Olivia seemingly shared Domenica Calarco‘s NSFW pics among the cast.

During a round of the “Show Me a Photo Of…” trend on Instagram on July 21, one follower asked Olivia to share a screenshot of her blocked list.

However, instead of sharing a simple snap, the 29-year-old came to the party with a screen-recording of her scrolling through the many people she’s shunned from her page.

Naturally, every nosy fan exercised their right to “hold to pause” the clip and let’s just say, it didn’t disappoint.

TBH, a lot of the accounts were totally random, and presumably trolls, but 2019 bride Jessika’s name did not go unnoticed.

olivia frazer jessika power blocked list
Among many unknown names, Jessika’s stood out in Olivia’s blocked list. Source: Instagram.

This is lowkey surprising considering that in a recent Q&A, Olivia said that she thought the serial reality star was “cool”.

“I’ve only met her the one time,” she explained. “She’s cool, the type of girl you’d want to get drunk and go shopping with.”

Jessika Power Unleashed On Married at First Sight‘s Olivia Frazer for Comparing OnlyFans Earnings

Tensions rose, however, after Olivia — who kickstarted her own lucrative OnlyFans career in May — declared that she had earned more than Jessika’s “best month” on the site.

Dishing to So Dramatic! about her yuge payday, she said: “I won’t say a figure but I’ll just say that I’ve already made more than Jess Power’s best month.”

olivia frazer onlyfans
Olivia claimed to have earned more than Jessika after starting an OnlyFans page. Source: Instagram @olivefrazer.

When asked what she thought that amount was, Olivia explained that she thought the fellow bride’s “best month was $200k”.

Following the big call, Jessika told So Dramatic! that Olivia was, essentially, chatting sh*t.

“First of all, how would she know how much I made?” Jessika said. “I don’t even like talking about the money I’ve earnt or to compare it to anybody else. It’s just not what you do.”

The 29-year-old also confessed that no one aside from herself and her accountant knows how much she made in her “best month”, either.

jessika power onlyfans
Jessika hit back at Olivia’s claims that she earned more than her “best month” on OnlyFans. Source: Instagram @jessika_power.

At the time of Married at First Sight 2022‘s explosive nude photo scandal, Jessika also suggested that Olivia was a “worse” villain than herself.

“I thought it was disgusting for another woman to do that to another woman,” she expressed.

“She shouldn’t be laughed at behind her back… I think Olivia was grasping at straws and I don’t agree with it. It was horrible.”

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