Lego Masters host Hamish Blake has an adorable family tradition of baking extravagant birthday cakes for his two children, Sonny, seven, and Rudy, five.

And while his son has already had an impressive birthday cake made this year, it’s now time for Rudy to celebrate her fifth birthday with Hamish’s annual flair!

Taking to Instagram on Rudy’s actual birthday, he and Zoë Foster-Blake celebrated her with a store-bought cake (blasphemy!) however, since her birthday party is this weekend — the “official” one is yet to come!

Hamish blake zoe foster rudy family
Lego Masters host Hamish Blake has an adorable family tradition of baking extravagant cakes for his two children, Sonny and Rudy. Source: Instagram

“How is she already five. Happy #5 to the coolest, most delightful, self-assured, and unknowingly wittiest firecracker I’ve ever known. Loved or birthed [sic],” Zoë wrote on Instagram.

“The cake before. Yknow, the cake” [sic],” she said of the rainbow Woolies sugar-filled delight.

Hamish and Zoë Foster-Blake celebrated their daughter Rudy’s fifth birthday in July with two cakes! Source: Instagram

So while we wait in anticipation for the true 2022 masterpiece, here are all the incredible cakes Rudy has received so far…

2022 – To Be Confirmed!

We’re not sure what Hamish’s work of art will shape up to be, but we’re very excited.

 Hamish explained the delay on Instagram on Rudy’s birthday.

“Cake making is next weekend as that’s when the party is,” he said.

hamish blake cake rudy's birthday 2022
Hamish will be making Rudy’s birthday over the weekend. Source: Instagram

“Thank god for that as I’m ferociously jet lagged, although that WOULD add an exciting element – ‘when will this guy face plant into cake?’ [sic].”

2021 – Rainbow Vomiting Unicorn

For Rudy’s fourth birthday cake, Hamish made a jaw-dropping pink pegasus unicorn that spewed rainbows. Because, of course, he did!

According to Hamish, he had plenty of “back and forth” feedback from his strict pint-sized client.

“It’s a unicorn flapping its wings, which already I think is tricky, but then there was an extra addition of a cloud,” he said.

However, Hamish admitted the final design had a few unexpected tweaks.

“We aimed for a unicorn. We landed at a UniDonkey. That’s the beauty of life sometimes, wouldn’t have wanted dirt any other way,” Hamish said at the time.

“Welcome to the family UniDonkey. We love you for you. Having said that, we will maul you tomorrow.”

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2020 – Sheepy The Cake

For his turn at making his first cake for Rudy’s birthday when she turned three, Hamish wanted to do something special.

He told his Instagram followers that he initially planned on “a unicorn cake that pooped out glittery little [chocolate] turds” (a plan he held onto for the next year).

Instead, Rudy requested he create a cake inspired by her favourite toy, named Sheepy.

In 2020, Rudy requested he create a cake inspired by her favourite toy, named Sheepy. Source: Instagram.

Hamish started with a classic sprinkle-covered base with Rudy’s name written in fondant, which, honestly, we would be impressed by on its own.

To bring in the farmyard plushie vibes, Hamish shaped a replica of Sheepy’s head and body out of cake, and OMFG, it looked exactly the same as the real thing.

Spot the difference! The cake looks just like that her plushie. Source: Instagram.

It wasn’t an easy task, however, with Hamish revealing he stayed up until 3.00 AM to complete the masterpiece.

Bonus! Rudy’s Cake in 2019 Wasn’t Made By Hamish Blake But We’re Still Obsessed

Hamish may have not made Rudy’s second birthday cake but this giant crocodile cake was still pretty damn cool.

rudy cake birthday
Hamish didn’t make the giant crocodile cake, but we’re still impressed. Source: Instagram.

Showing off the croc-cake, Zoë revealed that Hamish made the decision he would start making cakes for the kids when they turned three, so they could appreciate his hard work.

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