Proving that successful reality TV shows can in fact be wholesome, Lego Masters Australia has returned for its 2022 season with a brand new cast.

The show’s fourth series is hosted once again by Aussie reality TV great Hamish Blake and judged by lego designer Ryan McNaught.

Let’s meet the cast who are battling it out for the Lego Masters 2022 dub and $100,000 prize money!

lego master australia host and judge
Who will win the Lego trophy? Source: Nine.

Alex and Caleb

legomasters australia alex and caleb
Caleb and Alex are Sydney-based Lego lovers. Source: Nine.

Self-confessed nerd Alex is a Sydney-based makeup artist with a love for both the Star Wars and Harry Potter franchises (hello, Rachel Evran‘s new bestie?). The 25-year-old has only been a Lego fanatic for about two years, but reckons she has the skills to see her through the competition!

Her teammate, Caleb, brings a legion of skills, wild ideas and a good ol’ can-do attitude to Lego Masters. The 21-year-old is a law student who likes to spend at least three hours per day building Lego to decompress after those long periods of study.

Trent and Paul

legomasters paul and trent
Paul and Trent were the first Australian gay men to get married. Source: Nine

Trent and Paul are a creative couple from Newcastle and plan to use their artistic talents to their advantage on the show.

Trent is a primary school teacher and often incorporates Lego into his classes (what a vibe) and Paul is a veterinary surgeon who uses it to destress after work.

Fun fact: the pair were actually the first Australian gay men to be married. They wed in New Zealand in 2013, several years before the marriage equity laws were introduced in Australia.

Branko and Max

legomasters australia 2022 branko max
Branko and Max are father and son. Source: Nine.

Lego MastersBranko and Max are a father-son duo with the skills to take out the cash prize in 2022.

The pair are so dedicated to their brick addiction that they have an entire room in their family home dedicated to Lego.

Branko is an engineer, so his technical skills will be sure to give him a boost against his competition on the show.

His 17-year-old son is the youngest contestant in Lego Masters Australia history and whilst Max is worried that he might crack under the pressure, we are sure Hamish will be there to offer a helping hand should he need it!

Kirsti and Daniel

 kirsti daniel legomasters
Daniel and Kirsti have teamed up for Legomasters 2022. Source: Nine.

Web developer and Lego lover Daniel is a skilled builder who rediscovered his passion for the brand when he started playing with it with his two young children. The Canberra local takes an imaginative approach to his projects and dedicates at least an hour a day to his hobby.

The 42-year-old has teamed up with Kirsti for Lego Masters Australia 2022. The school support officer discovered her adoration for Lego when she was trying to write a sitcom almost 20 years ago, but with no access to a crew or equipment, used Lego to bring her vision to life.

Henry and Joss

legomasters australia 2022 joss henry
Henry and Joss are brothers. Source: Nine.

Brotherly duo Henry and Joss are shaping up to be the top dogs of the Lego Masters 2022 cast.

Big bro Joss is already a renowned name in the Lego world, with one of his builds having been exhibited at Lego House Masterpiece Gallery in Denmark. He also works at a Lego store and spends at least 20 hours per week building.

Henry is less experienced than his sibling and has taken on the show more as moral support than anything.

The brothers’ relationship has been strengthened by Lego and through playing they bonded and found a safe space to talk openly with each other.

How wholesome. Channel Nine’s cursed other child, MAFS, could never!

Lexi and Rachael

legomasters australia 2022 lexi and rachael
Lexi and Rachael have impressive skills with Lego. Source: Nine.

Let me open with this: Rachael once built a 6,000-piece Hogwarts Castle and if you aren’t impressed by that then what will you be impressed by?

The 37-year-old’s block collection grew rapidly after having her second son in 2015. She enjoys challenging herself to always go bigger and better than she thinks she can.

The auditor is joined by Lexi and together they make up the season’s only all-female team. Lexi is a video editor who enjoys the creative process of building, and together they hope to inspire girls nation-wide.

Nick and Gene

legomasters australia 2022 nick and gene
Nick and Gene are best friends. Source: Nine.

Lifelong besties (AKA BFFL’s) Nick and Gene are both video editors with a shared passion for… you guessed it, Lego!

After realising their common hobby, the boys challenged themselves to create in conjunction and see what they could come up with.

Nick is the creative half who describes his style as “cinematic.” Gene, on the other hand, is the planner who likes to get builds done as fast as possible.

They are a promising addition to the Lego Masters 2022 cast!

Crystal and Andrew

legomasters australia 2022 crystal and andrew
Crystal and Andrew have been friends for over 10 years. Source: Nine.

Cyrstal is a model, content creator and actress (and has a killer fashion sense). She lego as a way to unwind but prefers building sets rather than building something off the dome.

Her friend of 10 years, Andrew, is an avid Lego fanatic who found his love for it after inheriting his father’s sets as a child.

Despite their decade-long friendship, the pair have actually never built anything together. So, the show is the first step in the joint Lego journey.

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