Big Brother Australia intruder Brenton Parkes and Johnson Ashak shared a great bond while in the house, and now Brenton has revealed some very NSFW details about his newbie finalist mate’s personal grooming routine.

During an interview with the Watch Next Episode podcast, Brenton told host Neil “Wilko” Wilcock that he and Johnson became “best mates”.

Big Brother Australia intruder Brenton Parkes said he was “best mates” with Johnson Ashak. Source: YouTube

“Johnson was my best friend in the house, we literally did shave each other and we did all sorts of stuff,” Brenton said.

“We’d make breakfast, cook eggs and then shave in the bathroom. He loved it, it was like the Assyrian salon. I had me in the chair, my feet were up.” Kinda kinda loving their rejection of toxic masculinity tho.

Brenton added: “He’d do my beard, I’d do his ass. It was awesome. Nah, I’m joking.”

brenton johnson big brother
Brenton said Johnson was his “best friend in the house”. Source: Seven

“I don’t know if you are [joking]. Johnson looks like a real hairy man,” Wilko said, pretty much voicing what we were all thinking.

Brenton revealed that Johnson would joke that he only needed one-ply toilet paper because he got his “bum hole” lasered.

“It’s beautiful. Not that I’ve seen it. Yeah, I saw it a couple of times,” Brenton said. Obvi he is a good actor because we cannot tell when he’s joking!!

Big Brother Australia Intruder Brenton Revealed Taras Changed His Eviction Vote At The Last Second

Brenton also revealed that Big Brother “villain” Taras Hrubyj-Piper changed his vote in the diary room, where he decided to send Brenton home instead of Johnson.

In the final challenge, Brenton was “milliseconds” away from beating Taras, which could have given him the final decision of who to bring into the top three. Even though he didn’t win, Brenton was confident that Taras would support him.

“Taras and I had a very close relationship, not as close as Johnson and I but we were best buds by the end of it and I knew he was gonna take me to the end,” Brenton said.

brenton taras big brother
In the final challenge, Brenton was “milliseconds” away from beating Taras. Source:

“He actually said after, he goes ‘bro, I actually did have you and then as soon as I sat in the diary room, I couldn’t send Johnson home’. It was the plan so I was extremely shocked when Sonia said ‘it’s time to go, Brenton’.”

Wilko suggested Johnson had been “creating a narrative” that he was a super-fan and it was his life-long dream. 

“You’re absolutely right. That’s the only thing that Taras thought of is taking someone’s dream away,” Brenton said.

Johnson Taras Reggie big brother final three

“It’s not my dream, as much as I love Big Brother, it’s not my dream, but this is Johnson’s dream.

“It’s the same with Reggie, we’re all kicking ourselves. Why would we take Reggie, Australia’s most loved player, all the way to the end? We’re thinking we’re heroes, Australia’s gonna appreciate it.”

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