Witchery has been called out for deleting customer comments on photos of The Bachelor’s Holly Kingston after being perceived to be shaming sex workers on OnlyFans.

As reported in episode 199 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the Australian fashion label’s customers were shocked to see their comments about the reality star had been deleted from the official Instagram post.

Holly Kingston Jimmy Nicholson witchery
Australian fashion brand Witchery has been deleting their customers’ comments about their new model Holly Kingston, after she and Jimmy Nicholson shared their unsolicited opinion regarding OnlyFans. Source: Instagram

Holly’s foray into modelling came shortly after she and her IRL bae, The Bachelor’s Jimmy Nicholson, shared their unsolicited opinion regarding OnlyFans.

ICYMI, Holly and Jimmy claimed reality stars who say they’re using the adult-only app for “female or male empowerment” was a “load of sh*t”.

Fashion Label Witchery Has Allegedly Deleted Multiple Comments About Holly Kingston

One So Dramatic! spy shared their disappointment that their comments had been erased from social media.

“I left a comment on the post asking if they were aware of the comments Holly made about sex work and how damaging this is to sex workers and they deleted it,” the source said.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

It certainly wasn’t a one-time snafu, however, because numerous other DM’d podcast host Megan Pustetto about their own experiences.

witchery comments deleted
Multiple comments were deleted from Witchery’s Instagram posts. Source: Instagram

“Upsetting to see you align with an ambassador who has made such horrible comments about a marginalised sector of society. I won’t be supporting your brand again [sic],” another person wrote.

While someone else commented: “Come on Witchery, we know conservative rich white women are your target market but you’re not supposed to openly say it #badrolemodel.” LOL!

“Hi [Witchery], very disappointed with your choice of ambassador after her ignorant and harmful comments about women and men in the adult industry,” a third now-deleted comment read.

witchery comments deleted
Former customers were disappointed that their criticisms had been deleted. Source: Instagram

NGL, it is ironic that Holly appears fine with Witchery censoring even some of the comments, especially after the Bachelor star felt it was her right to share her opinions publicly.

A Few Criticisms and Comments About Holly Kingston Have Remained on Witchery’s Instagram

However, a few stray comments have since slipped through the cracks and were missed (or left on purpose) by Witchery’s social media team.

One commenter asked Witchery whether “all the progressive models were taken”, while another went all out, writing:
“Pretty disappointed with your choice of ambassador & that you keep deleting comments. I won’t be supporting your business anymore [sic].”

the bachelor holly kingston instagram
Witchery’s customers told the fashion brand that they were “very disappointed with your choice of ambassador”, referring to Holly. Source: Instagram

Of course, countless comments praising Holly as a brand ambassador for Witchery have also remained on the Instagram posts.

One fan cheered Holly on and described her as a “beautiful ambassador inside and out”.

Another explained they “loved” Witchery’s ambassador choice because Holly “looks beautiful in these outfits but [is] also an intelligent young woman, love everything she stands for”.

The Bachelor’s Jimmy Nicholson Left a Cringey Comment on Witchery’s Instagram

Despite some concerned customers allegedly having their comments deleted, Witchery was happy to keep up this cringe-AF joke from Jimmy on their social media.

“Hey [Witchery]. I don’t usually do this but the girl in these pictures the most beautiful lady I ever did see. Do you have her contact details by any chance [sic],” the Bachelor star wrote under one photo. Gag!

jimmy nicholson holly kingston witchery cringe comment
Jimmy left a cringe-worthy comment on Witchery’s social media. Surprise, surprise, that one wasn’t deleted! Source: Instagram

Witchery replied: “Hi Jimmy, we couldn’t agree more! Holly is absolutely gorgeous. We’ll leave it up to @hollykingston as to whether she’d like to share her details or not.”

Our eyeballs have rolled so far into the backs of our heads, they have disappeared!

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