Married at First Sight‘s Jessika Power has hit back at The Bachelor Australia‘s Jimmy Nicholson and Holly Kingston, after they shared their controversial take on reality stars using their newfound fame to gain an OnlyFans following.

While travelling in the UK on June 17, Jessika posted to her Instagram stories to prove there was more than one way to earn big bucks.

“Sitting on a train down to London surrounded by men in business suits knowing full well I make the most money from capitalising on my reality TV fame,” she wrote.

It appeared to be a subtle dig at Bachie couple Jimmy and Holly, who recently shared their controversial opinion on reality stars like Jessika using their fame to gain followers on the adults-only site.

“I think there’s been a little bit of a trend in people coming off reality shows and leveraging that degree of fame to then sell nudes online,” Holly said. Yikes!

You Won’t Believe How Much Big Brother VIP star Jessika Power Earns From Her OnlyFans

Jessika, who recently flew over to the UK on a $9,000 first-class flight, literally has one million reasons to not “give a sh*t”!

In December 2021, Daily Telegraph revealed that Jessika had 9,000 subscribers who each pay $15 each per month. This means that the TV bride could be raking in over $100k per month!!

That’s approx. $1.2 million per year from OnlyFans alone, not to mention her sponsorships on other social media.

jessika power
Jessika has 9,000 subscribers who each pay $15 each monthly, so the TV bride could be raking in over $100k per month. Source: Instagram

As for those slamming the now-international personality, Jessika claimed she doesn’t “give a sh*t” what they have to say.

“I do my OnlyFans because honestly, it brings in a fabulous income – it is ridiculous the amount of money I have earned in the last four months. It allows me to be a provider for my family,’ Jessika told the publication.

Jessika Power Shared Advice For Future MAFS’ Villains

On June 19, Jessika posted a cheeky TikTok video lip-syncing along to the Moana song You’re Welcome. But on her Instagram, she added some sage advice for other reality TV “villains”.

“I’ve been on 3 and a half tv shows (the #mafs reunion doesn’t really count as a show) and I’ve had my fair share of unfair editing [sic],” Jessika wrote in the caption.

“My life is vibrant and beautiful now but it hasn’t always been sunshine and rainbows for me and I’ve struggled over the years with peoples negative opinions on me, the bullying and people targeting my family and people I love and yeah, frankly it’s fkn SUCKED [sic].

“But I’ve always hoped for myself that over the years I could grow and learn and eventually be a person that others who have been through something similar could look up to and realize that no matter how shit things get they DO get better [sic].”

Jessika shared a “small token of advice” for anybody thinking about going on reality shows.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

It probably won’t always go how you want it to and yes, people will stare and they will make opinions and they won’t always be nice opinions… They will try to even convince YOU that you’re not a very nice person [sic],” she said.

Jessika finished the post by pointing out that “people love seeing others fail”.

“Don’t let yourself down and laugh at everything! And yes, it makes people angry but who really gives a crap,” she said.

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