KIIS FM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show has come under fire again after a, quite frankly, f*cked segment involving Beauty and The Geek‘s Lachy Mansell.

Remember THAT scene from American Pie when Jason Biggs‘ character put his p*nis in a pie to emulate the feeling of sex?

Welp — we can’t believe we’re even writing this — Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Henderson put it to the test during the June 23 broadcast of their show.

The Kyle and Jackie O Show has come under fire for a “disgusting” segment on-air. Source: @kyleandjackieo.

The radio duo roped 2021’s winning geek-slash-producer-slash-KJ’s guinea pig Lachy into doing the deed ON AIR and just when we thought they couldn’t surprise us anymore — this happens.

However, the segment went from bad to totally f*cked after the KJ team left the violated pie in the office kitchen, where an unsuspecting individual took a slice.

It wasn’t long before the radio hosts hunted down the pie eater and revealed his identity on air.

“The pie that had a p*nis is it was eaten by groundskeeper Lou,” Jackie confessed.

And, because they’re in the business of taking it one step too far, the shock jocks then brought Lou into the studio to break the news of where the pie had been.

“Lachy had his d*ck in that pie 10 minutes earlier,” Kyle all too willingly revealed.

While Jackie apologised to Lou for the “awful” situation, listeners took to social media to slam the show for the whole ordeal.

Listeners Slam The Kyle and Jackie O Show for Their Apple Pie Segment

After the incident was posted to KIIS FM’s official channels, the comment sections were flooded with criticism over the “disgusting” act.

kyle and jackie o apple pie
KIIS FM’s post was flooded with criticism over the incident. Source: Instagram @kiis1065.

Some noted that the incident was “going too far on an innocent man”, with one follower penning: “Guys, this is truly f*cked. Not even funny.”

Another explained that the show “didn’t have to embarrass [Lou]” further by bringing him on-air, and subsequently posting it on Instagram.

“If this happened in any normal workplace people would be fired!” a disgraced fan wrote. “That is beyond not ok!”

apple pie kyle and jackie o
Source: Instagram.

Meanwhile, a follower called the segment the “worst thing” the show has “ever done”.

“You should all be ashamed of yourself.”

apple pie kyle and jackie o
Source: Instagram.

The apple pie debacle is the latest in a series of highly criticised segments on The Kyle and Jackie O Show in recent weeks.

Notably, Married at First Sight‘s Jackson Lonie and Olivia Frazer have spoken out against the show after they played a clip from the Jackson’s OnlyFans account during a live broadcast.

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