Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Carolina Santos and Domenica Calarco have been locking horns online after Carolina claimed that Domenica and Jack Millar faked their relationship following the Couples Retreat.

During an Instagram Q&A, Carolina was asked by a fan if Jack and Domenica broke up at the retreat or if they “faked it for fame till the end”.

TL;DR: Carolina totes thinks their relationship was fake AF.

Domenica later slid into Carolina’s DMs, telling her “not to flatter” herself after several people sent her the spicy Story.

“People sent me the story of you shit talking Jack and I. [sic].” she wrote to the Brazillian bride in a screenshot Carolina shared with her followers.

She then penned in a subsequent post that she “often” receives messages about Domenica discussing her “on her lives and podcast”.

“Not once did I [message] her about it. Get a life.”

Carolina included screenshots from fans, including one that said: “Domenica and Ella saying you were lying saying glass went in your face. [sic].”

ICYMI: During MAFS 2022‘s infamous glass-smashing incident, Carolina claimed that fragments of the glass broken by Domenica went in her mouth.

“No need to confront or/and attack every one who mentions you hon. [sic].” the TV bride captioned the same post. “We’re not on MAFS anymore!”

Domenica Calarco Calls Carolina Santos Out for Lying

In ANOTHER screenshot, Carolina’s followers were privy to Domenica’s DM calling out her falsifying the events.

“You did lie about getting glass in your mouth,” she wrote on June 16. “And you did shit talk Jack and I’s relationship that you have no idea about.”

Over the screenshot, Carolina penned: “…and she’s still talking to herself lol.”

This resulted in a third shared message from Domenica which read: “But I’m actually talking to all of your ‘followers’… oh the irony.”

Following the last DM, the 34-year-old took to her Instagram Story to share a play-by-play of herself blocking Domenica after their public back and forth.

“It’s been heaps fun, but some of us have shit to do today,” she said in a voiceover. “So, you are blocked. Bye hon. [sic].”

What Exactly Did Carolina Say About Domenica and Jack’s Relationship?

In case you forgot, we first heard about Jack and Domenica’s split during the reunion when Domenica arrived solo at the dinner party.

However, controversial bride Carolina seems to think they broke up during the experiment…and ACA-SCUSE ME?!

“Look, it’s hard to say [if they faked it] because you don’t really know what happens behind closed doors,” she dished during the Q&A. “But I think they did.” Ooft!

jack domenica dancing mafs 2022 final date
During an Instagram Ask Me Anything, Carolina was asked by a fan if Jack and Domenica broke up at the retreat or if they “faked it for fame till the end”. Source: Nine.

She then dug the knife even further into our hearts to suggest that “most” couples knew their relationships weren’t going anywhere and “they stayed until the end of TV time”.

Lucky for us, Jack and Domenica remain great friends, even if their relationship didn’t last.

Tamara Djordjevic Revealed In an Interview It Was Important to “Fake It”

One of the most problematic couples in 2022 was Tamara “I hate hospo workers” Djordjevic and Brent Vitiello and, according to Tamara, you absolutely had to “pretend” you liked your spouse even if you didn’t!

Speaking to Yahoo! Lifestyle in May, Tamara revealed that you had to try and make it work in order to be liked by the general public.

mafs 2022 reunion
Tamara Djordjevic revealed that you absolutely had to “pretend” you liked your spouse even if you didn’t! Source: Nine.

“Don’t be your full self — hold back,” she told the outlet. “And even if you don’t love the person you’re matched with, pretend you do.

“Pretend you love them because everyone loves the person who loves love and is obsessed with their partner, you can see that. You’ve just got to fake it.” OUCH!

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