Anthony “Drew” Drew celebrated Sam Manovski‘s eviction from Big Brother Australia 2022 with his new girlfriend, and while he seemed to be enjoying himself, his former BB bae was having none of his “toxic” BS!

In a video sent in by a So Dramatic! spy, Drew was seen popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate as it aired on TV.

Sam drew big brother eviction new girlfriend bianca showmance
Drew celebrated Sam’s eviction from the Big Brother house. Source: Seven

While it seems pretty standard petty reality TV star behaviour, the whole thing seemed to be filmed by his new rumoured girlfriend, Bianca.

“It’s over,” he said in the (once) private Instagram Story, to which she replied: “Finally!”

Big Brother Australia‘s Sam Called Out Drew For His “Toxic” and “Pathetic” Behaviour

When asked about the video by So Dramatic!, Sam told us that she “dodged a bullet” when it came to Drew.

“He looks so pathetic right now popping champagne to help appease his new girlfriend’s insecurities,” Sam said. “The reason we didn’t work is that I’m not toxic enough for him.” Ouch!

Sam went on to add: “I think Drew wasted so much of my time already… The faster the ‘Drew and Sam show’ is over, the better. It’s my time to shine in my own light and not be overshadowed by an insecure boy.

“I hate the narrative that it’s the woman’s fault or she’s the one who comes off as being a psycho for having STANDARDS. It’s about time to call out men who lie for their shit [sic].” F*ck yes, girl!

Sam Didn’t Hold Back About Drew After She Was Evicted from Big Brother Australia

Big Brother fans were shocked to see that Drew had made a deal with former housemate Joel Notley to get rid of their “girlfriends”. But Drew claimed the deal was to get rid of OGs, not Sam or Joel’s GF Aleisha Campbell.

“That chat was about Sam,” Drew later admitted to Punkee.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Sam wished that Drew “had the balls to be honest” instead of waiting “until the episode aired to tell the truth”. Yikes!

“With guys like Drew, telling the truth is not his forte,” she told The Latch, describing her ex as “cowardly”.

“I know we were playing a game, I get that, but that’s kind of a low blow, to make a deal like that about someone you’re intimately and romantically involved with.

Sam drew eviction big brother girlfriend bianca
Sam described her ex-boyfriend Drew’s actions as “cowardly”. Source: Seven

“The game shouldn’t take away your integrity like that, but I guess that’s where Drew’s integrity lies, if that makes sense. He doesn’t seem to have a lot. [sic]”

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