Married at First Sight Australia 2022’s Jack Millar has revealed what happened when he ran into Olivia Frazer at Cody Bromley’s birthday party.

After Olivia and Jack’s bride, Domenica Calarco’s, relationship reached boiling point on the show, Jack turned his back on both Olivia and her TV groom, Jackson Lonie.

Speaking on episode 187 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Jack admitted that he was shocked to see his former bae’s arch-nemesis at the birthday, particularly as it was the first time he had seen her since filming wrapped.

“I didn’t know she [Olivia] was going to be there,” Jack told host Megan Pustetto before admitting that he “greeted her with a little wave” at the start.

Cody’s party was on a boat — and if there’s one thing that sucks about being on a boat? Speaking to other guests is unavoidable!

“I went up to her, and we had a five-ten minute chat where I was just like, ‘look, there’s too much going on here that I don’t genuinely want to be involved in. I don’t agree with what you’ve said on the show.”

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To Jack’s surprise, Olivia revealed that she didn’t “agree with half the things” she had said on the show either, and the pair decided to keep their distance.

“I’m not going to be there to blow up at someone,” he dished.

Jack Revealed That He and Jackson Lonie Are No Longer Friends

Unsurprisingly, Jack also admitted that he and Jackson were no longer as close as they were during filming.

“There’s too much in the water there,” Jack said. “Maybe I took the stance that I’d prefer to segregate than to keep bringing up this old perpetuating saga.

“My friendship and closeness with Dom would not have worked with [me having] a friendship with either Jackson or Olivia. So, I can make my own decision in that regard.”

Jack Has Still Never Seen an Apology From Olivia

While they agreed to keep their distance, Jack did reiterate that no apology relating to the infamous nude photo scandal had taken place.

“No, not a full-on one. There were a few sorry’s thrown around between the two [Olivia and Domenica], but there was definitely no sorry about the photo.”

mafs olivia frazer
Olivia has never apologised to Domenica over the nude photo scandal. Source: Nine.

During an appearance on the Where’s Your Head At podcast, Olivia revealed that she had never apologised to Dom (even though in previous interviews, she claimed otherwise) because she didn’t want to be “culpable to the guilt or admit guilt”.

“If I hurt someone’s feelings, I apologise regardless of what I did,” Jack said. “If you bump into someone on the street, you say: ‘oh, sorry’. It’s not admitting guilt. It’s saying sorry for making someone feel a specific way.”

Elsewhere in the interview with So Dramatic! Jack spoke about how Jackson and Olivia outed his struggles with mental health, how Brent Vitiello was involved in the Only Fans photo leak and his dating life post-MAFS.

Want even more goss? Listen to part two of Jack Millar’s interview in episode 187 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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