Married at First Sight Australia 2022 groom Jack Millar has strongly refuted claims that co-star Mitch Eynaud “never liked” his wife Ella Ding.

In an exclusive chat with So Dramatic! podcast host Megan Pustetto, the fan-favourite revealed he took issue with recent accusations made by Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie about himself and his co-stars.

In May, the hotly contested pair partook in a tell-all interview with the Where’s Your Head At? podcast. During the chat, they made several damning claims, including one that suggested Mitch and Ella had a fake relationship.

“Mitch is going to kill me… But he never liked Ella,” Olivia said at the time. “It was never a thing for him, and she was like, ‘The longer we stay on this, the more money we make’.”

She continued: “You could see that every time they got on the couch, something’s not right here.”

mitch and ella final commitment ceremony
Jack denied that Mitch and Ella had a “fake relationship”. Source: Nine.

However, according to Jack, the only truth in the MAFS villain’s claims was that Mitch and Ella “both held back a lot” during the initial Commitment Ceremonies.

“In terms of thinking that something was not right [on the couch], I understand that because they both held back a lot early in the show,” Jack said in episode 185 of the So Dramatic! podcast. “[Mitch] wanted to be a private person and [Ella] respected that.

“She was trying to respect him but… the experts were speaking about the experiment and probing her and she felt like if she spoke about it, then she’d be betraying the trust between her marriage.”

Does Jack Millar Think Ella Ding and Mitch Eynaud’s Relationship Was Fake?

As for whether Mitch and Ella “faked” their relationship, Jack said the answer was “simple”.

“I can tell you right now, based on how hurt I know Ella was and is [after the breakup], the answer is very simply, no,” he declared. “You don’t have that much care and affection for someone, and you don’t feel that much anguish… if you don’t care.”

ella ding mitch eynaud married at first sight australia 2022
Jack strongly believes that the former couple was “having so much fun together” during the show. Source: Nine.

The 27-year-old went on to describe how Ella was “physically hurt by what occurred” between her and Mitch following the experiment. “I have nothing but respect for Ella. She went through a bit of the wars post-show, then obviously [had] all this backlash.

“And now, all of a sudden, it has been thrown in the mix that her relationship was non-existent.”

Jack then confessed that he believes Mitch did have strong feelings for Ella, even going as far as to say he “loved” her, despite their “catastrophic” split.

“During the show, Mitch loved the girl… I’ll use that word [but] he never will,” Jack dished. “Genuinely, I saw it between the two of them, they were on the same page. They were having so much fun together.”

Ella Ding Revealed What Really Happened Amid Her Breakup With Mitch Eynaud

In episode 181 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Ella told host Megan the truth about her split with Mitch.

Despite leaving the Married at First Sight 2022 reunion hand in hand, Ella said Mitch became distant after the show wrapped up.

“We didn’t really talk much,” she said. “It did start to sort of fizzle.”

Adding that he was very nonchalant about his upcoming birthday, Ella said she tried to organise to visit him on the Gold Coast after seeing a friend in Sydney.

Ella mafs crying dinner party 2022
Ella Ding said her relationship with Mitch Eynaud “fizzled out” after MAFS. Source: Nine.

“Then he was like, ‘Oh, I’m not going to do anything, I can’t be bothered. You go do your Sydney thing,” she remembered. “Then, like a week before his birthday he… decided that he was going to have a bit of a shindig.”

Noting that she “felt a bit weird” about the sudden change of plans, Ella revealed the couple didn’t speak for a number of days. As a result, she decided not to contact Mitch and “see what happens”.

“It was like radio silence,” she said — until she told him she was at the beach with Domenica Calarco and Brent Vitiello on Valentine’s Day.

Ella Ding Brent relationship married at first sight
Mitch shut down after an article insinuated that Ella and Brent were on a date. Source: Instagram @brentleon_.

“We were texting at the time… then he replied to me a few hours later saying, ‘I’m just getting lunch with Tamara [Djordjevic]‘.”

According to Ella, this was “out of nowhere” as Mitch had never mentioned being friends with Tamara since leaving the show.

Mitch Eynaud Ghosted Ella Ding After Valentine’s Day Rumours

However, when an article came out insinuating that Ella and Brent were on a beach “date” on Valentine’s Day, Mitch “went to town” on his TV wife.

“I tried to call him, [but] he blocked my calls. I tried to text him,” she said. “He was saying, ‘we’re not friends, we’re done’.”

Ella then revealed that since the photos of her and Brent at the beach went public, she’s only heard from Mitch once in the form of a missed call.

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