Big Brother Australia 2022 has been the palate cleanser we all needed, with “royalty” housemates competing alongside newbie “contenders” in a bid to be the last housemate standing.

And now that we’re in the thick of the series, we thought it was high time to give you an inside look at production, to give you that “in the know” feeling.

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From a custom-built house in the heart of Sydney to secret rooms and 70 (yes, 70) cameras, there’s so much to learn about the Aussie series.

1. The Big Brother Australia House Is Custom Built

Big Brother is filmed in a custom-built home in Sydney.

While previous seasons saw the complex built in Sydney Harbour’s North Head, this time around, the custom-built home is located in Sydney’s Olympic Park in the infamous White Pavillion.

The Big Brother Australia 2022 house comprises of the diary room, the eviction room, two bedrooms and an open kitchen layout with combined living and dining.

There is also the mainframe and the sewer, two mystery rooms, a treehouse, a Zen chill-out space and the challenge yard. Plus a select few housemates will also get exclusive access to a brand-new upstairs luxury suite. AKA the VIP area for the head of house and two people of their choosing.

2. The Are 70 Cameras Rigged In the House

Because Big Brother is ALWAYS watching, there are 70 cameras rigged in the house.

Each camera had full remote capabilities and infrared technology to follow the housemates, 24/7 as required.

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3. There’s a Big Brother Challenge Team

Want to know who sets all those wild and hilarious challenges?

“The Big Brother Challenge Team” created over 60 new tasks and challenges.

For our viewing pleasure, these include nominations challenges, second chance challenges, house tasks, shopping tasks and panic room tasks.

big brother challenge
“The Big Brother Challenge Team” created over 60 new tasks and challenges. Source: Seven.

4. What Are the Housemates Responsible For?

While being a full-time housemate is their main job, the cast are responsible for their own cooking, washing, cleaning and recycling.

While they await their often difficult shopping tasks, rations are provided across the season.

These include 1,700 pieces of fruit, 200 litres of milk and 1,000kg of spinach, 50kg of flour and more than 700 eggs. WOAH NELLY!

5. What Can the Housemates Bring Into the Big Brother Australia 2022 House?

Even though we swear they’re in a different outfit every day, housemates can only bring one suitcase of clothing, toiletries and personal belongings — no matter how long their stay! Everything else is allocated to them by Big Brother.

Housemates are also able to bring in four personal photos — which makes for great conversation!

Big Brother Australia housemates can only bring ONE suitcase with them — no matter how long their stay. Source: Seven.

6. Three Housemates Celebrated Their Birthday Inside the House

During filming, THREE housemates celebrated their birthday.

Of course, the most EPIC birthday went to Sam Manovski who was given the gift of her bae Anthony “Drew” Drew’s ex-girlfriend Tully Smyth!

Not the birthday gift she’d hoped for!

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