TikTok star Carla From Bankstown has dropped some major teasers for Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022 and we’re going to go out on a limb and say: already hook this show to our veins.

The social media star may have given us all a cackle with her “Gronk or Not” rankings during episode 173 of So Dramatic!’s AFTERMAFS series, but Carla also spilled some tea about the upcoming series of Celeb Apprentice, where she will appear alongside former MAFS bride Beck Zemek.

So, scroll on for some of Carla’s biggest Celeb Apprentice bombshells!

carla from bankstown
Carla From Bankstown dropped some Celebrity Apprentice teasers. Source: Instagram @carlafrombankstown

A Very Special Guest Will Make a Cameo In Celebrity Apprentice

The standout stars of Married at First Sight Australia 2022 were the mums (#TBT to Belinda Ding and Anna Maria Calarco being iconic AF) and it looks like the Celeb Apprentice stars could also end up in their mums’ shadows.

Carla revealed to host Megan Pustetto that her mum is set to make a cameo in the show.

“When I go to parties, events, whatever I try to take my mum… my mum comes everywhere with me,” the star joked before revealing, “she even got a cameo appearance on Celebrity Apprentice”.

celebrity apprentice australia 2022 start date
The Celebrity Apprentice cast could end up in their mums’ shadows! Source: Nine.

“One of the episodes we were filming was my birthday and she just came out of nowhere to surprise me because I hadn’t seen her for a while because of filming.

“They even [gave her a microphone]… I reckon she’s gonna be another Channel 9 breakout star.”

Carla Spills What Lord Sugar Is Really Like

2021 Celeb Apprentice CEO Lord Alan Sugar is set to return for the show’s 2022 series.

We know you must be wondering where the Lord ranks on Carla’s “Gronk or Not” scale, and lucky for you, we have the answers!

celebrity apprentice lord sugar
Carla revealed she thought Lord Sugar was “a gronk” at the start. Source: Nine.

“He was a Gronk in the beginning, but he and I got along in the end,” she spilled.

Sooo, sort of Gronk?

“When we would walk into the boardroom he would look at me first to see what outfit I was wearing… he knows what’s up.”

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Will There Be Any Beef on Celebrity Apprentice?

There may not be any nude photo scandals on Celebrity Apprentice 2022, but that doesn’t mean the show is short on drama!

Whilst Carla didn’t have beef with anyone, there were “a few Gronks,” and “it’s not who you expect”.

When asked what she thought of The Block‘s Ronnie Caceres: “Next question.”

“I don’t get along with super masc. straight people, you know?” she admitted. “But he’s alright.”

What Did Carla Think of MAFS‘ Beck Zemek?

She certainly made an impression on viewers during her 2021 stint on MAFS, but will Beck redeem herself on Celebrity Apprentice?

According to Carla, probs not.

“Beck is hilarious,” she spilled, adding that the pair liked to have a goss about the other contestants during their time on the show.

Chaotic queens, by the sounds of it.

Carla also added that no one knew Beck was pregnant whilst the show was filming.

“We didn’t know anything about it then I remember we went to shoot promos and I hadn’t seen her for a couple of days and she is just sitting there with this stomach and I was like ‘what did you eat?'” Lmao.

Funnily enough, Beck’s baby is due the same day that Celeb Apprentice Australia 2022 will land on our screens: 22 May 2022!

Want even more Celebrity Apprentice Australia goss from Carla From Bankstown? Listen to episode 173 of the So Dramatic! podcast with Megan Pustetto below!

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