Married at First Sight Australia 2022 groom Cody Bromley has been called out for making references to controversial former US President Donald Trump.

As reported in episode 174 of the So Dramatic! podcast, one member of the Drama Army noticed a strange pattern popping up in some of the 30-year-old’s Instagram posts.

They pointed out that Cody has made several references to the Republican president in his captions.

In one post, Cody wrote, “The Trump card” over a photo of him holding up Undies that said “groom” on them.

We’re not exactly sure what the reference of joke (?) is meant to be.

Under a second snap – a picture from he and Selina Chhaur‘s MAFS wedding – Cody penned: “Pretty, cheerful and can fix my Trump hair. What a catch!”

What a weird-ass way to describe your wife. She should have run for the hills then!

Cody Isn’t the First MAFS Contestant With a Controversial Political Figure’s Name In His Mouth

Cody isn’t the first Married at First Sight Australia 2022 contestant to name-drop a controversial political figure.

In fact, Olivia Frazer went so far as to claim that she’s “more hated” than Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, following her appearance on the show.

Olivia had many takes throughout Married at First Sight‘s ninth season. She has continued to vocalise them post-show, even likening herself to the man behind the devastating war on Ukraine.

“More people have signed a petition to have me arrested… than to end the war in Ukraine,” she told the HIT Network‘s Hughesy, Ed and Erin on Tuesday. “I feel like I’m more hated than Vladimir Putin.”

In early March, a petition called on the e-Safety Commissioner to reprimand Olivia over MAFS‘ nude photo scandal. While the call to action gained support en masse, the petition was closed after it received almost 123,000 signatures.

TBH, we think reality stars should probably stick their noses out of politics – it never seems to end well for them!

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