Married at First Sight Australia 2022 intruder Matt Ridley was a rather unpleasant TV husband, and according to a number of his colleagues he wasn’t exactly a joy to work with either.

As revealed in episode 166 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Matt, who is known best for having chicken twistie breath at his wedding, actually had an HR complaint levelled against him at his old job.

Matt Ridley and Kate Laidlaw, MAFS 2022
Matt was paired with kate Laidlaw on Married at First Sight Australia 2022. Source: Nine.

According to one So Dramatic! source, the groom has been a paralegal/law clerk for ten years because he couldn’t finish his degree. It appears as though that has led to some resentment towards his coworkers.

ANOTHER of Matt’s former colleagues spilled that he started his law degree but keeps postponing it. Hence, he isn’t actually a lawyer.

Allegedly, Matt refused to take work from junior female lawyers.

One in particular – who he was a paralegal for – put it on record and got the partners of the firm involved.

mafs matt 2022 married at first sight
Matt allegedly refused to take orders from senior female coworkers. Source: Nine.

The first source spilled that the MAFS contestant had an issue about the woman being more senior than him.

Consequently, the firm’s (not so proactive) solution was for them not to work together anymore and they moved HER to a different team.

MAFS‘ Matt’s Former Coworkers Reveal What He Was Like To Work With

So, Matt was obviously not anyone’s fave co-worker, by the sounds of it.

The second source spilled even more tea, saying that Matt “thinks he’s Harvey Spector from Suits“. Lol.

They lamented that: “He was very rude and arrogant,” and “hardly does any work at work”.

MAFS 2022 Matt Ridley
MAFS‘ Matt’s former colleagues have revealed he was abhorrent to work with. Source: Nine.

“He refused to do any work for me and would talk back and say nasty things to me, even though he was only a paralegal and I was a lawyer,” they added.

The source confessed that the groom’s behaviour was so poor they even made a formal bullying complaint against him!

“He didn’t like taking orders from a junior lawyer especially when they were female,” they explained, adding that Matt is “a stuck up a-hole”.


MAFS Matt Ridley 2022
According to one of Matt’s former coworkers, he had a formal bullying complaint made against him. Source: Nine.

Apparently MAFS Matt Was the Resident Office “Creeper”

Just when you thought no more of Matt’s former colleagues could come forward, another has!

A THIRD source dished to So Dramatic! that Matt was “stage five creeper”.

“Him creeping on women was a pretty normal state of events – and he was with the wifey then, too,” the source expressed.

Married at First Sight Matt Ridley 2022
One source revealed that MAFS’ Mat was the “office creeper”. Source: Nine.

Allegedly, Matt is a “heavy drinker,” which we got a glimpse of on his fateful last night in the experiment.

“I am a bit older and it used to worry me with the younger staff members going out for Friday night drinks with him around.”

The same former colleague also revealed: “I don’t think he was ever completely faithful to his ex the entire time he was with her.”

Their male assistant used to go out with Matt on Friday nights but “the creeper used to disappear. But he wasn’t going home – his ex used to message people who had been out with him from work but he had been gone for hours and wasn’t home.”

Matt Ridley MAFS 2022 shoey
Matt’s former colleague believed producers gave him the “nice guy” edit on MAFS. Source: Nine.

The source added that they felt producers had been generous when it came to Matt’s edit on MAFS.

“We all believe that Matt was being edited as a nice guy and they made kate look crazy,” they said. “The view from some of my old colleges was that we thought she probably felt he was a stage five clinger straight away and was behaving accordingly”.

Well, that is definitely some food for thought!

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