He may have fake TV married Kate Laidlaw on Married at First Sight Australia 2022, but Matt Ridley was still legally married for realzys when he applied for AND during the filming of the show.

As reported in episode 160 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a source close to Matt revealed the insane titbit.

kate laidlaw matt ridley mafs 2022
Married at First Sight’s Matt Ridley was still legally married when he wed Kate Laidlaw. Source: Nine.

Married at First Sight wouldn’t take him [Matt] until he had filed for divorce,” the source dished. “So, he requested a divorce from his partner and rushed it through so he could get on the season.”

According to the So Dramatic! spy, this was the real reason he was an “intruder” and not part of the initial cast.

“Once he showed them they had filed [the paperwork], they let him on.”

While the paperwork was in, the divorce wasn’t actually finalised when he wed Kate, and didn’t come through until January 2022.

Matt Ridley MAFS 2022
Matt’s divorce wasn’t finalised until January 2022. Source: Nine.

Why Wasn’t Matt Ridley Divorced At the Time of Filming?

You’d think that before applying for something like Married at First Sight you’d make sure that you were a single man, however, it was actually Matt’s fault that it wasn’t done and dusted.”

“She [Matt’s ex-wife] had asked for a divorce for financial reasons more than anything, and he had refused to accept it for ages,” the source said. “Then suddenly he was rushing the divorce through so she thought he had met someone else.”

Matt MAFS 2022

Later, Matt’s ex-wife found out it was for the show.

“He actually tried to get back with her in April and took her on a trip to Adelaide,” the source said.

“She said, no, it was over for good and there was no chance she was going to get back with him. Then a few days later, he applied for MAFS.” Talk about revenge!

What Has Matt’s Ex-Wife Said About His Stint on the Series?

This is where the plot thickens!

“Matt called his ex and asked her to watch it [the show],” our spy said.

“She’s not upset he’s on it, she was just a bit triggered seeing him at first but now she’s more amused because they’ve given him the creeper narrative.”

Matt MAFS 2022
Matt’s ex-wife is amused by Matt’s “creepy narrative”. Source: Nine.

And now? She’s been watching it because it’s such good entertainment! LOL.

Nothing helps you heal from a breakup quite like watching your ex get screwed over by MAFS producers!

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