Since entering the experiment as intruders, Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Kate Laidlaw and Matt Ridley haven’t exactly hit things off.

After his past marriage of seven years crashed and burned, 39-year-old Matt headed into MAFS more open than a 24-hour Maccas. Meanwhile, clinical nutritionist Kate had never had a boyfriend before, so naturally, she was scared sh*tless.

And TBH, we would be too if a man declared he’d eaten chicken Twisties mere moments before kissing us.

Matt Kate Married at First Sight Australia 2022
Are Kate Laidlaw and Matt Ridley still together IRL? Source: Nine.

While we’re totally sure the experts had this pair’s best interests at heart while matching them (*rolls eyes*), the intruders couldn’t be more different.

At one end of the spectrum, you’ve got Matt — a quirky, Russell Duance 2.0 who is all over his bride like a cheap suit.

Then, there’s Kate — a newlywed who would literally rather be anywhere that’s not in the arms of a man who’s two seconds away from sniffing her hair on national television.

However, despite showing little to no interest in her new bae, and much to Matt’s delight, the 38-year-old penned “STAY” at the latest commitment ceremony.

Matt Kate Married at First Sight Australia 2022
Kate is still giving her relationship with Matt a red hot go. Source: Nine.

Will Married at First Sight‘s Kate and Matt make good on their vows? We’re all waiting with bated chicken Twistie breath to see how it all pans out.

Kate Laidlaw Has Had Her Sights On MAFS For A While

While she may be cursing the MAFS gods (AKA experts) now, Kate must’ve trusted them at one point as she’s actually applied for the show before.

As revealed by host Megan Pustetto in episode 155 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Kate told friends of her plans to sign her life away to MAFS three years ago.

Can you imagine Kate on season six with Cyrell Paule and Martha Kalifatidis? We would love to have seen her get in on the wine-slinging action!

Kate Laidlaw MAFS

In 2019 a friend tagged Kate and her sister Bec in a Facebook casting call for “adult identical twins”, suggesting the pair apply.

Kate responded by saying: “Thanks, but we are saving ourselves for MAFS“.

The friend replied that she and Bec were “way too good for that show” and oh, the irony…

The bride did quip, however, that she would “never say never” to the experiment.

Looks like Kate really manifested her appearance on MAFS, but we do have a sneaking suspicion that it might not have turned out how she had hoped, though.

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