Just one week after SAS Australia officially kicked off its 2022 season, the winner of the brutal AF series has already been leaked!

We may only be one week in but contestants are already dropping like flies. So far, recruits have been set alight (seriously, WTF), dropped from helicopters, and left in an ice-cold drowning simulator.

Despite the tough crop of contestants that remain, the bookies already have their eyes on who is cut out to make it to the end. As per usual, their predictions are seriously telling.

SAS Australia 2022
Have bookies already picked who wins SAS Australia 2022? Source: Seven.

And before you come for the bookies’ credibility: Remember that they got it bang-on when it came to predicting the winners of Love Island Australia 2021. They also pegged Darvid Garyelli to win Brooke Blurton‘s season of The Bachelorette, and surprise surprise, they were correct.

Who Is Slated To Win SAS Australia 2022?

**SPOILER ALERT: The following contains potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of SAS Australia 2022.

Sportsbet, the top dog of online betting, has already tipped NRLW player Millie Boyle as a favourite to win.

Millie has shown some serious grit so far on SAS Australia so her suspected win comes as no surprise.

SAS Australia Millie Boyle
Sportsbet has tipped NRLW player Millie Boyle to win SAS Australia 2022. Source: Seven

The football star is paying out a measly $1.50 as of Monday morning, putting the odds totally in her favour.

However, don’t place ya bets just yet because Darius Boyd is nipping closely at her heels. The ex-NRL player is cashing in at $1.65 – that’s only 15 cents difference!

Coming in third position sports presenter Riana Crehan. Riana is still in close ranks with Millie and Darius, with odds of $2.00.

Why Millie Boyle’s SAS Australia Win Would Be a Reason to Celebrate

If the bookies are right (again) and Millie is the winner of SAS Australia 2022, it would be a cause for celebration.

Out of the four celebrities to have passed the gruelling SAS selection course there has only been one woman. This was fellow AFLW player Sabrina Frederick, who finessed the course in 2020.

If she is to win, Mille would join Sabrina alongside other past SAS Australia 2020winners Nick Cummins and Merrick Watts, as well as Sam Burgess from 2021.

SAS Australia Sabrina Frederick
Sabrina Frederick is the only woman to have completed the SAS selection course so far. Source: Seven

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