The Bachelor Australia 2018‘s Brittany Hockley has confirmed that she has broken up with her tennis-playing beau, Jordan Thompson, following months of speculation.

After fans of the reality star noticed a seismic shift in her and Jordan’s social media interactions, they were quick to question whether Brittany and her partner had called time on their relationship.

Now, the 34-year-old has spilled the details on her split during the most recent episode of the Life Uncut podcast, which she hosts with fellow Bachie alum, Laura Byrne.

britt hockley jordan thompson
Brittany Hockley has revealed that she and Jordan Thompson have split up. Source: Instagram @brittany_hockley.

Recalling dropping Jordan at the airport two weeks ago as he headed overseas on the tennis circuit, Brittany revealed this was when they said “goodbye for good”.

However, despite previous reports, the former Bachelor star reiterated that “nothing [in particular] has happened” for her and Jordan to part ways.

“It is literally the most beautiful and amicable breakup. It was just two people that you know, we thought were each other’s penguin, we loved each other,” she said. “No one’s done the wrong thing. It’s purely, we’re at a point of life where we couldn’t physically be together.”

Brittany Hockley And Jordan Thompson’s Careers Were Central To Their Split

Adding that Jordan is in the “prime of his [tennis] career” and spends just seven weeks in Australia annually, Brittany said it took a lot of deliberation for the pair to “decide what the future looks like” for the pair.

“My career is here and I’m doing a lot and I can’t travel with him this year,” she continued. “He would never ask me to give up my career, and I would never ask him. It’s just one of those things… and maybe who knows in a different lifetime, it might have worked out but for now, we just have to accept that.

“We decided to just be really supportive of each other and go our separate ways.”

Brittany and Jordan began dating in 2020 after meeting on the celebrity-exclusive dating app, Raya.

Brittany Hockley Reveals That She And Jordan Thompson Are Still Friends

Despite not continuing a romantic relationship, Brittany revealed that she and Jordan still “absolutely adore each other”.

“We’re still very, very close,” she explained. “We respect each other more than anything and we’re still friends.”

Brittany added that while they are still in touch, it almost makes things harder to process.

“You almost, in a weird way, wish you could hate the person because I feel like it’s easier to get over and I know that’s a crazy thing and people probably will disagree with me… I would rather hate him… because then you forget him and you move on but when you love someone and it purely was just a distance thing…

“You know, ‘I want the best for you, you want the best for me, and that means not being together anymore’.”

Sources Claimed The Pair Briefly Split Over Summer

As discussed in episode 140 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a source in the “small” Australian tennis community revealed that Britt and Jordan DID in fact break up over the holidays.

“Can confirm Britt and Jordan did break up,” the insider revealed. “Basically, Jordan realised Britt was a clout chaser when Rebel entered the picture.” Yep, that’s the Rebel Wilson, the beloved Australian actor who has been plastered across the Bachelor‘s Instagram page lately!

Britt reportedly became “obsessed” with Rebel after she began dating another tennis star, Matt Reid, which in turn left Jordan unimpressed.

“[Britt] would leave matches [and] training sessions with Jordan to spend time with Rebel,” they revealed. “He quickly realised she loves the clout and got the ick.”

Brittany’s Telling Social Media Activity

While Britt posted about Jordan’s Aus Open matches, she failed to tag him in the clip.

Sure, this doesn’t seem like a big deal in the scheme of things. However, she later tagged both Nick Kyrgios and Chris O’Connell in subsequent posts of their matches.

“Oooft,” she posted about Nick, before captioning a video of Chris’ game: “Let’s go legend.”

As previously mentioned, Britt and Jordan were absolute fiends for sharing loved-up photos of each other. But upon further investigation, Britt hadn’t posted a snap of herself with Jordan since September 30, 2021, while Jordan had liked very few of his bae’s recent Instagram posts.

A number of people left comments on Britt’s New Year’s snaps asking where Jordan was, whilst another person actually wrote spilled the tea that they were no longer together.

They wrote: “I can confirm they are no longer together. Fact.”

All of these comments were swiftly deleted by Britt.

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