2022 has not gotten off to a good start for The Bachelor’s Bella Veralis’ bestie, Jadé Tuncdoruk a.k.a Jadé Tunchy — with the influencer in hot water once again over a FREE meal. Yes, a FREE meal.

As reported in episode 144 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a very forth-coming member of the drama army revealed that Jadé had been a patron at the “very fancy restaurant” she works at.

Jadé Tunchy is in hot water once again after complaining about getting a FREE meal.
Jadé Tunchy is in hot water once again after complaining about getting a FREE meal. Source: Instagram.

“The tea is I had no idea who Jadé Tunchy was until the other week when I served her at the very fancy restaurant I work at which I’m not gonna name [sic],” the source wrote.

“After this happened she started popping up everywhere being cancelled.”

What Exactly Happened at the “Fancy” Restaurant Jadé Visited?

According to our So Dramatic! spy, the “entitled” Jadé was in her section at the restaurant and one of the food runners “accidentally gave” her and her party an extra plate of “something they didn’t order”.

“I told them it was a mistake and that it won’t be on their bill,” they said, before adding that they would leave the meal on their table for the “inconvenience”.

As our source stated, it was a “non-existent inconvenience” because ya know, free food, however, the social media star complained and said that “it shouldn’t happen in the first place”. WUT?!

Adding to this, Jadé then called herself a “VIP guest” and said that they should be “extra careful with her”.

“We give little complimentary starter things to VIPs which she was definitely not,” the source added, before “she complained to the manager for not getting one.” Roll out the red carpet, guys!

Why Has Jadé Tunchy Been Cancelled by Her Loyal Followers?

The influencer has previously found herself in hot water after a number of concerning online posts she had made re-emerged over the past few weeks.

However, Jadé first hit the headlines after Instagram account Celeb Spellcheck accused her of using her audience to leverage a refund from a small business, despite the fact she wasn’t entitled to one.

Jade Tunchy cancelled

The fashion blogger accused a holiday rental company of theft, threatening to take them to Fair Trading after they refused to offer her a full refund on her honeymoon stay — during a GLOBAL. PANDEMIC.

What Has Jadé Said About the Incidents?

Taking to her Instagram stories, Jadé apologised for her behaviour.

“Hello everyone. I just wanted to say that I’m sorry for the way I’ve conducted myself recently. I’m aware that my actions were poorly thought out and lack integrity. I want everyone to know that I hold myself to a higher standard than this,” she wrote.

“I’ve made it my priority to re-evaluate the aspects of my life that may have lead to the disconnect between my soul and my actions.

“I am sorry to anyone I’ve let down, including myself.”

We’re hoping all these gaffs will be a thing of the past moving forward…

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