There’s nothing pettier in the world of social media than making a TikTok about an ex, however Bella Varelis seems to have done just that.

In a video posted to her socials on Tuesday (September 28) the former The Bachelor runner-up shared a very shady clip titled: “When you hear their version of why you aren’t friends anymore.” While we’re sure it could be about anyone, we believe this was directed at her ex-BFF and fellow cast mate, Bec Cvilikas.

In the TikTok, Bella was seen lip-syncing to Doja Cat feat. Nikki Minaj’s Remix accompanied by a simple, yet effective burn: “Mmm, this the remix…”

The Bachelor‘s Bella Varelis threw shade at her former best friend and cast mate Bec Cvilikas on Tik Tok. Source: Instagram @BellaVarelis.

Out of context, the song could mean anything, however, it was Bella’s smug facial expression which told the full story.

At the time of publication, the post had garnered over 127.8k likes. A lot of scorned former friends out there!!

What Happened to Bella Varelis and Bec Cvilikas’ Friendship?

Even though Bella and Bec became besties during season eight of The Bachelor Australia in 2020, by June 2021, the pair seemed to of fallen out.

As revealed in episode 84 of the So Dramatic! with Megan Pustetto podcast, some Drama Army spies noticed that their friendship had slowed to an almost stop.

The eagle-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice that Bella and Bec had gone from influencer besties and housemates — even sharing a puppy together — to an almost radio silence between the pair. Eeesh!

You may also remember that the two were very conveniently papped eating brunch together, sitting side by side rather than facing each other in an extremely “natural” fashion, however, they went from BFF’s to strangers pretty much overnight.

When Did Bec and Bella’s Friendship Turn Sour?

While Bella’s last post about Bec was put up in January, Bec shared her final photo in April. 

At the time, Bec had moved out of their shared home and back to the Sunshine Coast permanently. It’s one thing to move out of a house to get away from someone, but it’s a whole other thing to move states to get away from someone!

The Bachelor's Bella Varelis threw shade at her former best friend and cast mate Bec Cvilikas on Tik Tok. Source: Instagram @BellaVarelis.
Bec Vilikas and Bella Veralis were besties on The Bachelor Australia, season eight, Source: Network Ten.

What Did Bec Say About Their Friendship Ending?

When Megan reached out for comment, Bec told her: “You know I’m not one to rock the boat so unfortunately no comment from me!” We all know that “no comment” speaks volumes!

At the time, Bella had still blocked our fearless leader, so she couldn’t get a comment from that side!

What Did Bella Say About Their Friendship Ending?

In July, Bella took to Instagram to do a Q&A and when questioned, she said: “There wasn’t a big fall out, we just realised our friendship changed, which is normal in relationships and friendships.”

Hmmm… we wonder if something changed? We’re keeping our eyes peeled on TikTok for more clues!

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