Former The Bachelor Australia 2020 star Locky Gilbert is set to go head-to-head with comedian Pauly Fenech on SAS Australia 2022.

In a recent promo for the show, the pair engage in a heated confrontation that leads to a physical altercation. 

Locky — who appears visibly frustrated — tells Pauly: “We’re on a team, I don’t trust you,” before Locky accuses the comedian of being a “liability” to their team. 

Things get physical between Locky and Pauly on SAS Australia 2022.
Things get physical between Locky and Pauly. Source: Channel 7.

Things then begin to escalate and become physical between the pair. The former Survivor Australia star throws Pauly to the ground and into another female contestant. DRAH-MAH!

Why Do Locky Gilbert and Pauly Fenech Go Head-to-Head on SAS Australia 2022?

This fight is not the fairest pairing when you consider Locky is 6’5 compared to Pauly’s short stature of only 5’3. 

In a confession to the Directing Staff Ant Middleton and Dean Stott, Pauly claims: “I’m the little guy who’s copped it his whole life.” Looks like he’ll also be copping a verbal and physical whooping from our former CEO super spreader!

It’s no surprise that Pauly has wound Locky up the wrong way given Pauly’s savage remark in the teaser. 

“The other competitors, they’re more worried about their botox than they are about anything else,”. Obviously, Pauly is not looking to make many friends while completing the course!

Who Is Pauly Fenech, the Comedian Heading to SAS Australia 2022?

As previously reported on episode 101 of the So Dramatic! Podcast, this stint on SAS Australia is third time lucky for Locky, having previously applied for the first two seasons but not making the cut, until now. 

And while we know everything there is to know about Locky, you may not know as much about Pauly.

For those who aren’t already familiar with the 51-year-old comedian, he is a filmmaker, actor, director, producer, and writer. 

Most people would recognise him from TV series such as Pizza, Fat Pizza, and Housos, all of which he both directed and starred in. 

Pauly is most famous for his roles in Pizza and Fat Pizza.
Pauly is most famous for his roles in Pizza and Fat Pizza. Source: Channel 7.

Pauly has also appeared on a different type of reality show before, having taken part in Channel 7’s All-New Monty: Guys and Gals in 2020 alongside his SAS Australia castmates Wayne Carey and Orpheus Pledger.

Pauly might be a strong contender at passing the gruelling SAS course, having had a stint in the Army Reserves in the past. 

He is also an ex-boxer so we might see him fight back and hold his own against Locky in their physical altercation when it plays out!

We will see all the drama and tensions play out when it airs in February on Channel 7. 

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