Angie Kent has called out axed Married at First Sight 2022 groom Simon Blackburn again after he lashed out at her a second time online.

**Trigger warning: This article discusses homophobia, fatphobia, racism and sexism and might be distressing to some readers.

Last week, Simon Blackburn was dropped from MAFS 2022 after only two weeks in the experiment. The axing came after homophobic, racist, fat-phobic and misogynistic videos made by the groom surfaced online.

The former Bachelorette, along with a number of other reality stars, took to social media to condemn Simon’s behaviour. In addition, Angie called out Channel Nine‘s decision to give someone with views such as Simon’s airtime.

Now, Angie has come out swinging again after the 35-year-old posted a TikTok video disparaging the beloved TV star.

“I just had someone send me this from our mate Simmo,” she wrote on her Instagram story on Monday. “The same fella who said he no longer has the same views as he did six months ago when he was contacted about his disgusting behaviour.”

What Has Simon Blackburn Said About Angie Kent In His Latest TikTok Video?

In the video posted four days ago, Simon wrote, “Angie kent go back to the jungle you …. [sic]”, before launching into a rant.

“Check out that Bachelorette, Angie Kent, or whatever her name is,” he said. “The only reason why Angie Kent is complaining is because she’s a wh*re. If she wasn’t in double digits she wouldn’t care about the comment made.

“I mean, there’s a reason why she had to go on The Bachelorette, wasn’t there?” …Says the guy who literally signed up for a reality dating show to GET MARRIED!?

Simon went on to complain that Angie was just “whinging” about men “trying to put stats on the board” after she slammed him for “[taking] advantage of” women.

“Just get over it and go back to another f*cking reality show,” he concluded. “Go back to the f*cking jungle, Angie Kent.”

It appears the video was posted to a new TikTok account made by Simon, given the first clip was only shared a number of days ago.

In another clip, the disgraced groom said that he finds it “very uncomfortable being around women who are unattractive”.

In addition, one TikTok discusses that men don’t “root intelligence…. you root the hottest thing you can find”, before imparting a number of racial stereotypes.

What Was Angie Kent’s Response To Simon Blackburn’s Abusive Video?

After sharing Simon’s video to her Instagram story, Angie implored people to report his new social media accounts, under which he goes by several aliases.

“Please report him and share so we can stop this toxic human from creating this type of content to a vulnerable following,” she penned.

“He can’t keep doing this to women,” the 31-year-old Gogglebox alum said. “I’ve had so many women reach out with horrifying stories about this man.”

She also acknowledged that “impressionable young men are buying into his sh*t” after it was revealed Simon makes money via his Instagram account.

Sharing a photo of his new Facebook page “Ben Carrey”, Angie said: “This is his new fake…profile where he continues to post horrible things about me and other women.”

“Grow up!”

She then shared two tiles addressing abuse.

Angie Kent Previously Opened Up About Her Disturbing Experience With Simon Blackburn

Chatting exclusively to So Dramatic! last week, Angie revealed when she originally called Simon out for his content, “a bunch of his little minions then came after” her.

“Saying that I’m just jealous that Simmo wouldn’t f*ck me because I’m a pig (something along those lines) or how I just want to be f*cked by him.” Gross!

The former I’m A Celebrity contestant revealed that Simon then contacted her after she shared his videos.

“He then wrote to me too… And did a story about getting me on his stats (I think that’s what he calls it) to be the next number of the women he’s f*cked. And I think I just blocked him. I wish I could find it but because I blocked him, it would be gone now.”

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