Married at First Sight 2021 was a season unlike any other and has left many people wondering — which MAFS couples are actually still together?

From multiple cheating scandals to secret girlfriends and wine throwing, the couples served up the absolute works when it came to drama. And while the season may have drawn to a close earlier this year, the lies, rumours, and relationships certainly haven’t stopped!

Married at First Sight 2021 was a season unlike any other and has left many people wondering — which couples are actually still together?
Married at First Sight 2021 was a season unlike any other and has left many people wondering — which MAFS couples are actually still together? Source: Nine.

The marriage experiment’s eighth season is currently airing in the UK, and the Brits are LIVING for it. But which couples have actually lasted out in the real world since the cameras stopped rolling?

Keep scrolling to find out which Married at First Sight 2021 couples are still together!

Kerry Knight and Johnny Balbuziente

Are they still together? Yes.

After entering the experiment late in the game, Kerry and Johnny won over fans with their sweet natures and instant connection.

Unlike their co-stars, the intruders were possibly the most unproblematic couple of the season, having stayed out of the majority of drama on the show.

In episode 59 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a close friend spilled that the pair were still loved-up post-show!

“I can confirm that Kerry and Johnny are still together,” the insider said. “Johnny is actually an actor though! He was asked by a producer to go on the show and didn’t audition… but funnily enough he and Kerry actually do work out.”

The pair have since moved in together in Brisbane and share an adorable pup named Enzo.

Georgia Fairweather and Liam Cooper

Are they still together? No.

After a bust up at the final dinner party, Liam and Georgia‘s relationship was seemingly unsalvagable during their heated final vows ceremony.

Georgia dragged her TV husband in her vows, to which Liam concluded the pair should “call it quits”.

During the MAFS reunion, Liam appeared to snub Georgia when he greeted the group. But it turns out that had less to do with their final vows and more to do with what happened behind the scenes!

In footage obtained by So Dramatic!, the 30-year-old took to social media to explain the reason he didn’t acknowledge Georgia was due to her involvement in fellow groom Jason Engler‘s homophobic video towards him.

“Tonight was solely based around the video that came out from Georgia, Johnny, Jason. That video was f***ing disgusting,” Liam, who is the show’s first bisexual groom, said.

The video was recorded, allegedly three days prior to the final vows being filmed, by Jason himself, who slung a number of homophobic and fatphobic slurs. In the background, Georgia was heard saying that she was “better than [Liam]”.

In episode 83 of the So Dramatic! podcast, Liam said seeing that video “broke” him.

“At that stage, I still loved her, I still cared about her,” he said.

Since the rigmarol of MAFS 2021 has ended, the reality star has debuted his relationship with another contestant of the show!

Yep, Liam is now dating Married at First Sight New Zealand contestant Samuel Levi. The pair even announced that they were in LOVE during an interview with So Dramatic!.

Beth Moore and Russell Duance

Are they still together? No.

There isn’t much to say about Beth and Russell aside from the fact that they were not a good match at allllll.

It didn’t take them long to realise they weren’t well suited, with Russell more interested in talking about barbeques than getting to know his TV wife!

Straight after her Married at First Sight wedding, Beth said: “I feel like a sh*t person because I don’t have that feeling that I wanted to have.”

Plus, So Dramatic! discovered Russell was back on dating apps just episodes into the show… so there’s that!

Alana Lister and Jason Engler

Are they still together? No.

Despite agreeing to continue their marriage at the final vows ceremony, it didn’t take long for Alana and Jason’s relationship to crash and burn.

By the time the reunion rolled around the pair had gone their separate ways — and not without good reason!

After Jason was found to be at the centre of the homophobic video towards co-star Liam, Alana told Yahoo that they “were never able to get past that controversy”.

“Well, obviously the controversy was something that ended our relationship, so it impacted me in the way that Jason and I are not together anymore.”

Still, there’s no love lost for Alana, who has since forged a successful career on OnlyFans!

As for Jason — he was linked to two more MAFS brides following their split! The 35-year-old was first rumoured to be cosying up to 2019 contestant Tamara Joy before it was revealed he was dating 2020 bride KC Osborne.

Unsurprisingly the pair broke up, with one source telling So Dramatic! that their August separation was due to Jason cheating.

“They broke up because Jason cheated on KC at a bar on the Gold Coast,” they alleged in episode 114. “Jason was at a club and he was making out with two chicks and someone recorded it and sent the video to KC and that’s why they ended things.”

KC is currently slated to appear on the inaugural Aussie season of Ex on the Beach with Michael Goonan.

Jo Todd and James Suser

Are they still together? No.

Jo and James might have hit it off initially, but the cracks soon began to show in the single parents’ relationship.

After ranking another groom, Jake Edwards, above James in terms of attractiveness, the 44-year-old grew increasingly insecure over his wife’s friendship with the footballer.

But while Jake was a topic of contention for the couple during the show, it turns out James needed to be wary of Patrick Dwyer!

Yep, Jo and Patrick have been cosying up ever since he split with his Married at First Sight wife Belinda Vickers in July. The pair have posted a series of loved-up snaps on Instagram, which is suss AF considering Jo and Bel were BFFs!

Patrick shared the cosy selfie of him and Jo to his Instagram story. Source: Supplied @patrickdwyer_official

Despite their best efforts to convince us they’re the latest couple in the reality TV sphere, one of their co-stars told So Dramatic!: “I think Jo and Patrick are doing it for publicity, so don’t give them any.” LOL!

James has stayed out of the limelight since the show ended, updating his Insta every now and again with snaps of himself with his new gal, actress Verity East.

Patrick Dwyer and Belinda Vickers

Are they still together? No.

Despite being a match made in crotcheted outfit heaven, fans were devastated when Patrick and Belinda called time on their relationship in July.

It wasn’t long before rumours started swirling that Patty and Jo had recoupled after their Instagram posts sent fans into a frenzy, but the confusion didn’t stop there!

Only a week after it looked like he had hooked up with his co-star, Patrick threw another spanner into the works when he posted a commemorative snap celebrating his “anniversary” with Belinda. HUH?

What does this mean? Patrick posted a photo to Instagram which appeared to signal he was back with MAFS wife Belinda! Source: Instagram @patrickdwyer_official

“On this day last year we got Married on National TV. Bring on the future with you,” he penned alongside the pic.

To make things even more confusing, Jo commented on the post: “Are you cheating on me?”

At this stage, we’re convinced Patrick and Jo are trolling us all with their loved-up posts — and their fellow contestants agree!

“It’s pathetic,” one former MAFS star told So Dramatic! in October. “They are not dating at all. They are faking a romance for the media. It’s embarrassing.”

Jaimie Gardner and Chris Jensen

Are they still together? No.

Jaimie and Chris perhaps had the shortest marriage in the history of Married at First Sight.

Dubbed the “villain” in her short time on the show, Jaimie was depicted as a vindictive woman intent on making Chris’ life miserable.

The couple sensationally left the experiment after Chris called out his wife as a “fake”, but since the cameras have stopped rolling, we’ve discovered Jaimie isn’t the villain MAFS made her out to be.

In a two part tell-all interview with So Dramatic!, Jaimie confessed their partnership was all downhill from their honeymoon after Chris was “aggressive” and “intimidating”.

In episodes 67 and 68, the 35-year-old said she tried to leave the show after Chris stormed out on her three times in one day. Apparently, she was told to stay and film more content as producers didn’t have enough footage to formulate a storyline for the pair.

According to Jaimie, a fraction of this was shown on TV, calling the edit a “watered down” version.

Chris maintains that this is all untrue, taking to Instagram stories to disparage Jaimie’s experience.

He’s since debuted a new relationship on Instagram while Jaimie continues to discuss the importance of highlighting abusive behaviour towards women.

Coco Stedman and Sam Carraro

Are they still together? No.

Things between Coco and Sam (AKA Slim Shady) were rocky from day dot so it’s not a shocker that the couple didn’t go the distance.

But things went from bad to worse when Coco was embroiled in a cheating scandal after hooking up with another groom, Cameron Dunne. She and Samantha Harvey‘s TV hubby had a brief flirtation during the experiment before sharing a steamy kiss behind their partners’ backs.

Despite exiting the experiment with the intention of dating, Coco and Cameron split soon after due to COVID border restrictions separating them.

While there’s no word on whether Coco has a new man in her life (she has hinted she did reunite with her ex-husband George however!), Sam was rumoured to be dating co-star Alana after the pair were spotted cosying up together on a night out. He even said at the MAFS reunion that he was keen on the 31-year-old!

However, the pair appear to be just friends and Sam doesn’t have a lady in his life ATM — but it’s not from a lack of trying! Sam is regularly sighted on dating apps searching for his special someone.

Samantha Harvey and Cameron Dunne

Are they still together? No.

Despite sparks flying when Samantha and Cam first got hitched, it’s no shock that things didn’t work out following Cam’s affair.

While Samantha eventually gave Coco her blessing to get to know Cam after their respective relationships had fizzled out, she wasn’t aware of the saucy pash until the reunion episode! And she was PISSED.

These days, Samantha has been spotted cosying up to Farmer Wants a Wife‘s Matt Trewin — she even confirmed with So Dramatic! that they were dating!

As for Cameron, he was shacking up (platonically) with MAFS alumni Jessika Power in Brisbane following the show. Don’t you just love the incestuous world of reality TV?!

Booka Nile and Brett Helling

Are they still together? No.

Wer’e not gonna lie. We seriously thought Booka and Brett were endgame following their wedding.

Fans fell in love with their quirky banter and fun-loving energy, but as is the nature of MAFS, we all feared the relationship would crumble in the pressure cooker environment.

Oh boy, did it crumble.

After a brutal honesty challenge and accusatory letter from co-star Brett‘s homeboy Patrick, the once well-suited couple fell into a rut of resentment that they weren’t able to come back from.

As far as we know, both are still singe ATM.

Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson

Are they still together? Yes (sigh).

At the beginning of the series, the Most Likely To Split Before The Show Ends award went to Melissa and Bryce.

But alas, they are only one of two couples from this season who continue to go strong — even after a string of scandals involving cheating and a secret girlfriend proving nothing can tear them apart!

In episode 51 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a source close to Bryce dished that he was still engaged to his partner of FIVE FREAKIN’ YEARS when he applied for MAFS.

“Bryce applied for Married At First Sight when he was still engaged to his partner, Lana [Bongioletti],” they revealed. “They had been engaged for over a year at this point and they had been together for five years.”

There were also some very loud whispers of Bryce having another “girl on the outside” while filming the show, as discussed in episode 52 of the podcast.

Regardless of the drama and proof handed to her on a silver platter, Melissa chose to stick by Bryce and honestly? They seem happier than ever.

The controversial couple is now engaged to be married for real, and have recently welcomed twin boys named Levi and Tate.

Beck Zemek and Jake Edwards

Are they still together? No.

Despite being matched by experts, it was obvious to viewers that the pair were more than incompatible.

On the So Dramatic! podcast in May, she described her time on Married at First Sight as a “jail” after the pair tried to leave the experiment multiple times to no avail.

“I did not want to be in the experiment anymore. I wasn’t able to be myself,” she recalled. “It lost track of what our relationship was about.”

The tumultuous relationship was also rocked by murmurs of infidelity, too. While MAFS was airing, it was revealed that Jake had cheated on his former fiancée, while several women came forward with claims they were dating the casanova while the faux-marriage show was filming.

Then at the reunion, it was revealed Jake’s cheeky New Year’s pash with Booka was the last straw in the couple’s relationship.

Since then, Jake has shared in a messy relationship with ex Sophie Guidolin, before going public with his most recent partner, Clare Rankin.

As for Beck — she’s happily dating boyfriend Ben Michell while also currently filming Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022.

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