Looks like the Married At First Sight gods (or swingers party organisers, you decide) are at it again after former 2021 contestants Patrick Dwyer and Jo Todd seemingly debuted a new relationship after sharing a selfie together on Instagram!

Patrick shared the cosy selfie of him and Jo to his Instagram story. Source: Supplied @patrickdwyer_official

Patrick and Jo, who met on Married at First Sight 2021 when they were coupled up with Belinda Vickers and James Susler, respectively, appeared very comfortable with each other as they smiled for the camera beneath a string of love heart emojis — which as we all know, is social media-speak for “loved up”.

Now, it’s nothing new for former MAFS stars to hook up with other participants of the show post-filming (hello KC and Michael), but we’re having trouble wrapping our heads around this alleged new couple, beginning with the fact that Jo is reportedly supposed to be Patrick’s ex-wife Belinda’s BFF! What happened to girl code?!

So long, girl code! Patrick Dwyer has allegedly moved on with ex-wife Belinda’s (R) bestie, Jo (L)!
Source: Instagram @jotodd9.

As discussed on episode 101 of So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto, we did some further investigating to find out WTF is going on between Patrick and Jo and reached out to some MAFS 2021 alumni to see if they have any insight on this bonkers new couple.

“Given [Jo] was so close with Bel it is kinda weird that she’s hanging out with Patrick after them breaking up, even if they are just friends,” one former contestant agreed, while another told us that “Bel and Jo don’t talk anymore. They had a falling out”. Hmmm, we wonder if that had something to do with this apparent new relationship…

A third source questioned whether Jo was still with Joe Donaghy, who the mum-of-two was allegedly dating earlier in 2021, but we had a little look-see and the last snap Jo shared of her rumoured beau was back in May, so safe to say that (relation)ship has sailed!

Another thing that runs through the veins of former reality stars is the constant need to stay relevant, which is no suprise as to why another MAFS cast member says that Patrick’s Instagram story was a ploy to generate publicity! Shock horror!

“I think Jo and Patrick are doing it for publicity, so don’t give them any,” they said. LOL!

If it’s true that this pair is a faux-couple, they’re not only breaking the heart of ex and bestie Belinda, but they’re breaking lockdown restrictions too! Yep, both Patrick and Jo reside in Melbourne where harsh lockdown rules are still in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including restrictions on visitors to your home. Naughty, naughty!

Keep your eyes peeled, because we’re sure the lid is going to be lifted on this alleged new romance soon!

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