If you thought running into your ex at the local Aldi is humiliating enough, we’re guessing you won’t want to come face to face with them on a beachside holiday, right?  What might be even more chaotic, though, is actually signing up to go head to head with your ex on a tropical beach… which is exactly what some of Australia’s most famous D-Listers have done!  Yay for drama!

British phenomenon Ex on the Beach has been filming overseas this year, however reality stars from down under are being headhunted to appear (see also: scrap what little dignity they have left) on an Aussie version of the popular series.

Exactly as the name implies, Ex on the Beach features a group of eight “singles” (more on this later) on a beachfront vacation, where each contestant will be desperate for the next flight home after their ex-partners are also invited to spend the trip with them.  There’s sure to be a lot of yelling, a lot of crying and of course, a lot of hours of our lives we won’t get back after binging the entire series.

As revealed in episode 75 of So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto, Married at First Sight’s Jessika Power was one of the first approached to appear on the show but ultimately turned the offer down because she was in a relationship with rapper Filthy Fil (who?) at the time and allegedly had “better offers” from other shows.  She’s since been confirmed as one of the twelve stars set to appear on Big Brother VIP Australia.  

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire — AKA where there’s a reality show, there’s plenty of MAFS rejects sniffing around for some limelight — with Michael Goonan from the marriage experiment’s seventh season set to participate in Ex on the Beach Australia’s first series.  His MAFS alum exes Stacey Hampton and KC Osborne allegedly have also been asked to appear on the show.

One source has told So Dramatic that Michael has been offered a whopping $90K to appear on the show for four weeks, plus the additional two weeks he will have to quarantine, and we have to say, it certainly is a step up from the pithy $150 a day he was making on Married at First Sight.  We WISH we were getting paid to talk to our exes…

And while the 31-year-old has apparently cemented his position on reality TV once again, there is one little snag in the rope — and by snag, we mean girlfriend, and by girlfriend, we mean current.  Yep, Michael has apparently been dating Maddie Bloom (again, who?) since December, but a friend close to the pair told So Dramatic! that she’s “ok with [him going on the show] because he told her he’s just doing it for his career and the money”.  Aww!  How supportive. *Rolls eyes*

Before his relationship with Maddie, Michael was controversially dating KC, especially since she wasn’t the wife he was betrothed to on MAFS and the pair split in August 2020, but KC’s feature on Ex on the Beach could be likely, especially since she’s previously said that she would only appear on the show if Jessika Powers wasn’t taking part.  Watch this space!

Stacey, on the other hand, may not find the time for a beachside getaway amid her current legal battle, where she faces fines up to $20,000 and two years jail time for breaching COVID restrictions!  Just when we thought a pretty face and a Louis Vuitton handbag meant you could do whatever the f*ck you want, we’re proved wrong!

Outside of the MAFS realm, another reality TV fella with plenty of exes has been approached to take part in Ex on the Beach AustraliaBachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise’s resident bad boy Ciarran Stott was allegedly approached by producers but his participation was quickly revoked after all of his Bachie exes — Jessica Brody, Renee Barrett and Kiki Morris — refused to appear alongside him.

Regardless of whoever ends up running the gauntlet of Ex on the Beach, we just hope they’ve packed their life rafts, because sh*t’s about to go down.

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