We all know that when it comes to Married at First Sight, drama is never far away from the contestants, and Jason Engler from MAFS 2021 is no exception.  Earlier this year the TV groom was caught slinging homophobic and body-shaming language towards bisexual groom Liam Cooper (who was not present at the time) in a video obtained by So Dramatic! With Megan Pustetto.

The video was filmed, allegedly three days prior to the final vows being filmed, by Jason himself, who introduces himself as “Big Jason, AKA Rack Dog Engler”, saying he and his mates plan to “run amok in Brisbane” — with the said mates being Liam’s MAFS’ wife Georgia Fairweather and fellow groom Johnny Balbuziente, who also featured in the clip.

In the footage, Jason calls Liam a “110 per cent wanker” and continuously says he’s “ugly, fat” and “chubby”.

In the background, Georgia can allegedly be heard adding “and Georgia’s better than him!”  Come on, is she really?  Because from where we stand it sounds like she’s condoning Jason’s disgusting behaviour — especially as she then proceeded to post Jason’s video to her “Close Friends” Instagram story, as reported by So Dramatic!

Oh, then at the conclusion of the vid, Georgia lets out the biggest cackle known to man, which makes her appear less like Glinda, and more like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Despite Georgia’s obvious disdain for her on-screen husband, she still chose to write “stay” at the final commitment ceremony, where Channel Nine depicted her as the victim in a perpetuated narrative that made Liam appear as a “bad husband”.  They even chose not to address their contestant’s poor behaviour and swept the homophobic video under the rug.

When the network shared a clip of Liam walking out of the final vows on social media, it was bombarded with pro-Liam comments from our Drama Army, with the reaction becoming so out of hand that the clip was then deleted, and to avoid further controversy, the network did not include Liam in the fashion gallery that featured every other contestant the following day.

Liam addressed the homophobic video on his Instagram, writing that the video is a “form of bullying”.

“It’s fat-shaming and it IS homophobic and Biphobic!” Liam penned to his followers.  “The type of behaviour shown in this video can start eating disorders, affect someone’s mental health or feel like they can’t come out and express their sexuality because of uneducated people.”

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