During last night’s The Block 2021 Fans vs Faves finale, fans noticed that Ronnie and Georgia Caceres went MIA during the auction.

While one All-Star team won big on The Block auction last night, the second All-Star team landed themselves a disappointing last-place finish.

Despite winning multiple room reveals across the season, Ronnie and Georgia made the smallest profit on auction day. Their luxurious four-bedroom home sold for $3.96 million, which left them walking away with just $296,000.

In the lead-up to the auctions, the Blockheads were shocked to learn their homes’ reserve prices were higher than they expected.

A source close to Ronnie and Georgia Caceres has revealed why Ronnie disappeared during The Block's auction finale.
A source close to The Block’s Ronnie and Georgia Caceres has revealed why they disappeared during the auction finale. Source: Nine.

Having won the right earlier in the season, Ronnie and Georgia were tasked with deciding the make-or-break auction order. But having been rattled by the reserves, the all-star couple changed their plans as to which order the properties went under the hammer.

Settling on the homes’ numerical order, Ronnie and Georgia were the first to auction. Despite it being a move advised by their real estate agent, a source close to the couple told So Dramatic! that in hindsight, it was the “wrong” decision.

“Ronnie and Georgia… felt that in the end, they had undone all of their hard work by choosing the wrong auction order,” the friend said. “They essentially shot themselves in the foot.”

Where Did Ronnie Go During The Other Teams’ The Block Auctions?

Many eagle-eyed fans of The Block noticed that Ronnie disappeared following the underwhelming sale of their property.

While some dubbed the seasoned renovator a “bad sport”, a friend of the couple set the record straight as to why Ronnie removed himself from the set.

“Seeing some of the other teams who had cheated, not had the same great feedback from the judges… get better results than they did, was a kick in the guts,” they said.

Tanya and Vito Guccione, who were at the centre of the season’s “biggest cheating scandal”, pocketed over $100k more than Ronnie and Georgia at auction.

The inside source also revealed that Ronnie was feeling “upset and overwhelmed” by the outcome and “left to compose himself”.

The Auction Brought Up Painful Memories From Ronnie and Georgia’s First Auction

When Ronnie and Georgia first appeared on The Block in 2017, their property failed to sell at auction. It was the first home to be passed in on the show in close to 10 years.

Given the major upset of their result four years ago, it’s unsurprising that their low profit in 2021 brought back some difficult feelings.

The source close to the Perth couple said “emotions were running high” on auction day.

“It was déjà vu to their last auction and [brought] back a lot of painful memories,” they said. “It was hard for [Ronnie] to see… so he just took a minute to compose himself.”

The source also added that Georgia left the auction viewing party to check on her husband before returning to the festivities.

Ronnie and Georgia’s Telling Instagram Post

While admitting that their profit was a “fabulous financial outcome” for their family, Ronnie and Georgia confessed finishing in last place was devastating in an Instagram post following the finale.

They also appeared to take a swipe at The Blocks “cheaters”, boasting that they executed their home with the utmost integrity.

“We hold our heads high knowing we left nothing in the tank, did the best we could whilst playing an honest and fair game,” the post read.

Wht’s Next For Ronnie and Georgia?

In October it was revealed that the all-stars already have TV opportunities lined up for after the hammer drops on auction day!

Speaking to Women’s Day, Georgia revealed that the couple has plans to star in their own TV show once their time on The Block wraps up. Renovation fans rejoice!

“We’ve got a couple of shows in the works all within the Nine family, so it’s set to be a very busy year for us,” the reality star said.

Georgia also spilled that the renovation of their current home could be documented on the small screen.

“We’re currently living in a 100-year-old weatherboard cottage we bought a couple of years ago and it’s in desperate need of a renovation.”

Ronnie is also going to be one of the stars tackling Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022.

We can’t wait to see more of these two on our screens!

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