SAS Australia recruit Dan Ewing has confessed he made a secret off-screen pact with Koby Abberton before they battled it out in a brutal hand-to-hand combat challenge.

Dan told he and Koby anticipated that they would be faced with the infamous task after past recruits suffered the same fate in 2020. And because let’s face it, a fake Bra Boy and a real Bra Boy is the battle we all want to see.

Actor Dan Ewing has revealed that he and fellow SAS Australia 2021 recruit Bra Boy Koby Abberton made a secret pact during filming.
Dan Ewing (L) said he and Koby Abberton (not pictured) made a secret pact ahead of the SAS Australia combat challenge.
Source: Channel 7.

“We knew we were going to do the boxing thing, right — so I said, ‘You know what’s going to happen here, our boys are the same age … I don’t want them to see their dads knocking each other’s heads off,” the 36-year-old said.

Dan explained that he and the former pro surfer were in agreeance to not “try to kill each other”, but their secret pact seemingly dissolved when they stepped into the SAS ring.

All Bets Were Off!

“I saw [Koby’s] eyes and they were just red,” the former Home and Away star recalled. He also confessed he “made a mistake” in taking on the Bra Boy.

“He’s smaller but he’s a trained fighter, so I was just like… protect the face!”

Despite Koby losing his protective headgear mid-fight, the Directing Staff encouraged the pair to continue sparring.

Dan confessed to the publication that he didn’t “feel comfortable” to continue battling the Bra Boy and dropped back with his defense.

Unsuprisingly, DS Ant Middleton declared Koby the winner before telling the Occupation Rainfall actor: “You got your ass kicked there.”

Dan’s Rocky Relationship With The Directing Staff

He might be one of the final five recruits left standing in the Special Forces selection course, but that doesn’t mean that Dan’s on good terms with the DS.

During Tuesday night’s episode, the recruits were put through an intense challenge where they were required to transport a “VIP” to safety. In the task, the celebrities were supposed to navigate multiple obstacles, explosions, and gunfire, but Dan had other ideas.

Instead of speeding through a blockade, the father-of-one froze before putting the car in reverse, much to DS Mark ‘Billy’ Billingham‘s disappointment.

“You’re really pissing me off!” DS Billy shouted at Dan after he poorly justified the decision by explaining he was trying to “build momentum”.

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