Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause and Australian musician Georgia Flipo – AKA G Flip – is certainly one of 2022’s most unexpected celebrity couples.

The pair, who confirmed that they were, in fact, dating, announced the union roughly five months after Chrishell split from her co-star (and IRL boss) Jason Oppenheim.

Naturally, fans have been going nuts over the couple (duh), so let’s retrace the timeline of their romance from now to when it all began.

chrishell stause g flip dating
Chrishell Stause and G Flip are officially seeing each other. Source: Instagram @chrishell.stause

Chrishell Stause and G Flip Make Red Carpet Debut at the ARIAs

On November 24, Chrishell joined G Flip on the red carpet at Sydney’s Australia Recording Industry Awards (ARIAs).

The pair looked loved up AF, posing for the cameras and speaking to the media.

On November 24, Chrishell joined G Flip on the red carpet at Sydney’s Australia Recording Industry Awards (ARIAs). Source: Getty Images.

But the best footage of all came from KIISFM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show, where Pete Deppeler, a.k.a Intern Pete interrupted them fiercely making out.

“Excuse me, can you two behave? I’ve spoken to you both about this tonight,” Pete said while G Flip turned around with her mouth open.

Pete then explained he wanted to “say hello from Kyle [Sandilands] and Jakie O [Henderson]” (who is currently on sick leave).

“While you two lovebirds are trying to have a kiss before the show,” he said, G Flip said: “We’re trying to have a pash! You’re interrupting us!” LOL!

Pete then asked the reality star if having a “PDA” was something she does “regularly” at the ARIAs, to which Chrishell responded: “Sorry, we’ve gotta go,” and then pashed G Flip once more!

Love these two!

Chrishell Stause Joins G Flip and Their Family at the Splendour in the (Muddy) Grass

Chrishell braved the muddy terrain to see G Flip perform at the. Byron Bay musical festival, Splendour in the Grass 2022.

It was the first time since the pandemic started that the popular festival was able to put on a physical event.

However, all of the main stage artists performing on Saturday July 23 were forced to cancel due to the horrible weather conditions (which is saying something because Splendour is always muddy AF).

Luckily, G Flip was billed to perform on the main stage on July 24, and their set was an absolute hit, as they performed on the drums despite suffering from a broken hand.

G Flip did a “shoey” (for the uninitiated, a “shoey” mean drinking a beer out of a shoe), and even their dad came on stage to join in on the action.

While we didn’t see the Selling Sunset star show off her own “shoey” skills, many fans reported spotting her at the festival, supporting her bae.

A Publicist Debunks G Flip and Chrishell Stause Engagement Rumours

Footage from the reality star’s surprise birthday party sent fans into a tizzy recently after she was seen to flash a sparkly diamond ring on her left hand.

The b-day bash was reportedly organised by co-stars Emma Hernan and Jason, and sadly, G Flip wasn’t in attendance.

chrishell g flip engaged
Chrishell flashed a blingy ring on her left hand at a recent birthday event. Source: Instagram @chrishell.stause.

“So my actual bday is Thursday, July 21st & thought I was just going to dinner with @emmahernan,” Stause captioned the pics.

“Bday elves Emma & @jasonoppenheim coordinated the absolute BEST early bday surprise!”

However, one of Chrishell’s representatives was quick to debunk the engagement rumours in a statement to Us Weekly.

“They are, in fact, not engaged,” they said, clarifying that the shiny piece of jewellery “is just a ring and nothing else.” Sad reacts.

G Flip Reveals They’re “So Proud” of Chrishell Stause

On July 14, G Flip opened up about their “whirlwind” relationship with Chrishell on The Project.

“All in all, I’m just so proud about Chrishell,” the 27-year-old said. “When I came out, it was over [spaghetti bolognese] with my dad. When Chrishell did it, it was in front of the world on one of the hit TV shows.”

On July 14, G Flip opened up about their “whirlwind” relationship with Chrishell on The Project. Source: Ten.

Speaking about their gender identity, G Flip said they were most proud of how Chrishell handled the “backlash” that came with that.

“I identify as non-binary, and she’s copped a lot of backlash for [that],” they admitted.

Chrishell and G Flip Attended the MTV Movie Awards Together with a PDA Filled Make-Out Sesh

On June 6, Chrishell and her Aussie bae were spotted “making out like crazy” at the MTV Movie Awards in LA.

According to an insider, they “seemed very in love with each other when backstage”.

“They could not stop kissing and were very sweet with each other,” the source told the Daily Mail.

Apparently, the loved-up pair seemed to avoid the paps when they arrived, however, when they were BTS, they felt “much more relaxed”.

According to an insider, Chrishell and G Flip “seemed very in love with each other when backstage”.

“They held hands and rubbed each other’s backs, it’s like they could not keep their hands off of each other,” they told the outlet.

“There is no doubt that they are very into each other because they were making out like teenagers, constantly grabbing each other like they were in lust.”

On top of this, Chrishell kept calling G Flip “hot” and was very “sexual and flirty”.

“It made quite the scene. People were looking,” they said. “But at the same time, it was romantic. I mean, they are clearly in love and happy. It was cute that they are so into each other.”

Chrishell and G Flip Take a Trip to Sydney Together

If their relo wasn’t already cute enough, G Flip and Chrishell made our hearts melt during a trip to Sydney together.

They visited Taronga Zoo – where the American starlet saw a koala and kangaroo for the first time – and took a sweet boat trip around Sydney harbour.

Chrishell also tried her first TimTam while wearing a koala hat so obviously, she is now an honourary Aussie.

Reflecting on her whirlwind day, Chrishell wrote on Instagram, “Australia I love you!”

Her partner commented with a koala and heart emoji while also posting her own video of the harbour city.

G Flip’s Music Video Starring Chrishell Dropped and It Is Steamy AF

Given that G Flip and Chrishell met on the set of the former’s music video, fans were naturally ecstatic when the vid finally dropped – and gawd damn! We were not disappointed.

In the steamy clip for the musician’s song ‘Get Me Out of Here’ the pair wreak some havoc before engaging in a steamy makeout sesh.

Chrishell shared a teaser snippet on her Instagram, captioning it: “Sorry everyone, I was confused and thought this was how babies were made.” LOL.

Chrishell Opens Up About Her Sexuality and G Flip On Instagram

The main reason behind Chrishell’s split from Jason was that the Oppenheim twin didn’t want children and was at a different stage of life to his former bae.

This caused confusion among some fans who pointed out that the Selling Sunset star, 40, and G Flip, 27, are also at very contrasting points.

As the hype and inquiry about her new relationship grows, Chrishell jumped on Instagram to clear up assumptions about her new relationship in a candid video.

“In this current situation with G, it’s one of those things that yes, I wish [we were] in the same stage of our life and we want the same things,” she said. “But that doesn’t diminish the deep connection that we have made and the way they have opened my eyes to what that future could look like.”

She also added that she now feels as though she has “so many more options and things in [her] future”.

“I know that some of you won’t understand this or agree with this but for me, it is about the person,” Chrishell said.

“It is about their heart and yes, there’s that part of you that is what you’re attracted to. But for me, I am attracted to masculine energy and I don’t really care what the physical form is.”

She then mentioned that G Flip is non-binary before continuing: “Everyone is different but for them, they really feel like they are a mix and they identify on both sides of male [and] female.”

“That’s one of those things I personally find such a beautiful mix and I think it’s probably why we did connect on such a deep level.”

“Well said beautiful,” G Flip commented under the video and yup, consider ourselves OBSESSED.

Chrishell Gives G Flip a Tattoo

Only days after Chrishell *officially* announced their relationship, G Flip took things to the ‘gram.

“F*ck houses do ink,” the muso captioned a snap of Chrishell tattooing their thigh.

While we’re sure the tat is super sentimental, we think Chrishell should stick to selling houses for now…

The inking reads “get me out of here,” a reference to G Flip’s single dropping on May 13.

Everyone (naturally) went fkn bonkers in the comments section of this post and by everyone, we mean us.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast


After plenty of speculation, the real estate agent confirmed that she was dating G-Flip during Selling Sunsets season five reunion.

“I recently have been spending a lot of time with someone that’s very important to me,” Chrishell explained after host Tan France asked if she was seeing anyone.

“Their name is G Flip. They’re non-binary, so they go by they/them. And they are an extremely talented musician.”

They are the hottest couple. We are obsessed.

Despite spending a good portion of season the crying over Chrishell, short/bald king Jason was all support for his ex-girlfriend’s new relationship.

“[G Flip] seems like a badass for one,” Jason said. “And the smile that’s been on [Chrishell’s] face for the last couple of minutes makes me very happy.”

chrishell jason selling sunset season 5
Jason showed his support for Chrishell’s new relationship. Source: Netflix.

G Flip and Chrishell Cannot Stop Posting Adorable Comments On Each Other’s Instagram

Rumours that Chrishell and G Flip were dating really picked up after they were caught leaving numerous spicy comments on each other’s Instagram posts.

Back in March, G Flip posted a promo for an interview they did with Unclear Magazine, to which the real estate buff replied: “Unclear. Fitting for how this post makes me feel.”

On another post, Chrishell commented: “How do you make us emotional and horny at the same time??”

G Flip has left their own share of thirsty captions on their girlfriend’s posts, too.

“Woahh,” they recently penned under a stunning photo of the 40-year-old.

Eeeeeeeek! We love them.

The Pair Make Their Instagram Debut

Weeks prior to confirming their relationship, Chrishell posted an Instagram carousel featuring a sneaky photo of herself cozied up to the muso.

“Grateful for every person in these pics,” she captioned a collection of snaps.

One fan commented that it was “so fun seeing you at the G Flip/Fletcher show” so around this time the pair were obvs hanging out.

Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim Broke Up

Queen Chrishell split from her (actual) boss boyf Jason just before Christmas 2021.

In a now-deleted (oop, spicy) Instagram statement posted on December 22, 2021 the realtor revealed that the pair had called it quits.

chrishell stause jason oppenheim breakup

Jason followed this up with his own not-deleted post, maintaining that he and Chrishell are still #besties.

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