Love Island Australia 2022‘s Vakoo Kauapirura doesn’t think the villa’s resident f*ckboi Callum Hole is aware that “words have consequences” after stringing her along for several days.

The model (and former Bachelor babe) was dumped from the show during the November 24 episode after Callum chose to link up with Maddy Gillbanks at the latest Recoupling Ceremony.

Despite whispering her sweet nothings ever since she entered the villa as a bomb (which in turn saw his bae Layla John given the flick), the Welshman told Vakoo he just wasn’t keen on her.

vakoo callum love island
Love Island Australia 2022‘s Vakoo Kauapirura doesn’t think the villa’s resident f*ckboi Callum Hole is aware that “words have consequences”. Source: Nine.

According to the 27-year-old, this left her “upset” and feeling like he had robbed her of a real Love Island experience.

“I felt like he would have known for a while that he probably wasn’t interested in me,” she told So Dramatic! after her exit. “And I wish he had told me earlier because my whole journey was about him.”

While initially she was drawn in by the “sexual chemistry” she felt with Callum, Vakoo confessed they connected on a “deeper level” that “didn’t get shown”.

“We had so many chats that obviously didn’t make it to air where we actually go to know each other on such a deeper level, and I felt so comfortable around him,” she recalled.

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However, watching the series back, the Sydneysider recognises that Callum got “caught up in the fact [she] was a bombshell”.

“With the flirting and stuff [he] got carried away… Like when he was saying he was open [to getting to know me],” Vakoo said. “I feel like he doesn’t realise his words actually have consequences.

“We saw he was saying one thing to me and saying one thing to Layla… But I don’t think he realised the severity of what he was doing.”

Love Island Australia‘s Vakoo Kauapirura Says She “Regrets” Putting So Much Time Into Callum Hole

Knowing what she knows now about her relationship with Callum, Vakoo confessed she feels “so dumb” for putting so much weight on her relationship with him.

“I feel like watching it is sad,” she said. “It makes me sad because I feel so dumb, and it’s so embarrassing.

“I don’t regret getting to know Callum, but I regret putting all my time in.”

Even though Vakoo seemingly had tunnel vision for the personal trainer, she told So Dramatic! she also got to know Tak Chipangura quite well.

vakoo tak
Vakoo revealed she and Tak “talked every day”. Source: Nine.

“I was surprised at how little was shown of Tak and I,” she said, noting that they “talked every day”.

“We had really good chats, and we were always laughing and having a good time.”

Because of this, Vakoo finds it “so interesting” that their romance has been portrayed “like [she’s] just doing it to stay” in the villa.

“I know it seems like that, but… the whole time, I told him that I wanted to get to know him.”

Vakoo Kauapirura Weighs In on Which Couple Will Win Love Island Australia 2022

According to Vakoo, she’s “rooting for” Claudia Bonifazio and Austen Bugeja to win Love Island 2022.

“Claudia and Austen, they’re like a match made in heaven,” she said. “The fans are loving them as well.

“He’s such a good guy, and yeah… They could go all the way.”

claudia austen love island australia 2022
Vakoo is “rooting for” Claudia Bonifazio and Austen Bugeja to win. Source: Nine.

She also cheekily dished that she’s aware that “a few of the couples are still together to this day”.

“It gives you hope,” she admitted. “You can definitely find love if you’re in there for the right reason.”

She didn’t spill on who is still going strong; however, Claudia and Austen were recently spotted together in the wild, so we’ve got some pretty good predictions…

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