Married at First Sight Australia 2019’s Martha Kalifatidis has received backlash online after she was spotted not wearing a seatbelt on her way to the 2022 Melbourne Cup.

The pregnant reality TV alum was joined by her mum (and Big Brother VIP star) Mary Kalifatidis, (as well as friend Maya Entwisle) who also didn’t appear to be wearing seatbelts while the car was moving.

Concerns were raised not only for their safety but also about the message the video could send to young fans.

“Unfollow them. I can’t stand seeing anything with either of them. Fake as,” one frustrated account wrote.

“So silly! I agree that this should be called out,” another said.

“I agree, not wearing a seatbelt is equivalent to not wearing a helmet,” another fan said, referring to Ella Ding‘s recent controversy.

A few eagle-eyed fans even shared screenshots from the video, pointing out what appeared to be an unused seatbelt by Mary’s head.

“This leaves me feeling sus and agreeing with u, [sic]” one fan wrote as they posted the telling screengrab.

In a photo taken by Martha on the way back from the Melbourne Cup, Mary sat in a (seemingly stationary) taxi with an over-the-body seatbelt next to her.

After Melbourne Cup.

According to, all people 16 years and over must travel in an adult seat belt.

Fans Question Whether the Taxi that Martha and Mary Kalifatidis Took To the Melbourne Cup Even Offered Seatbelts

Despite the buckle spotted near Mary’s head, many fans questioned whether the maxi-taxi they took had even seatbelts available, with others theorising the belts could have just been in their laps.

“Martha’s belt could be one of those lap belts they got picked up in a van/minibus thing. And it looks like there was no option for an over-the-shoulder belt. But then again, I wasn’t there,” one fan said.

“The person in the middle seat also in the maxi taxi – you can see the unbuckled seat belt next to her,” one user responded.

Another agreed: “Mary probably had a lap seatbelt if she’s in a maxi taxi or something?”

Martha Kalifatidis Mary no neatbelt controversy social media comments
While some fans shared their concerns, others theorised the belts could have just been in their laps. Source: Facebook.

According to a snap taken by Martha’s fiancé Michael Brunelli, the three women were in a maxi-taxi.

From the perspective that Mary was filming, we couldn’t see a belt going across Martha’s lap – but her bag and long mesh top may have covered it.

On November 3, Mary filmed another video of herself in a car. In the footage, she again didn’t have a cross-body seatbelt, however, the vehicle was stationary.

So Dramatic! has contacted Mary and Martha’s management for comment.

Numerous Married at First Sight Australia Stars Called Out For Ignoring Road Safety Laws

It comes just days after fellow MAFS alum Ella Ding was called out for not wearing a helmet while on a scooter in Bali.

Fans felt it was unfair to call one reality star out while letting similar behaviour from another influencer slide.

“I’m genuinely confused as to why only certain influencers are being called out for their dangerous behaviour,” the anonymous poster wrote.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

The original poster also pointed out an older video that showed Jules Robinson filming with her son Oliver Chase Merchant in the car with her. However, it’s unclear whether Jules was actually driving at the time.

They continued: “Martha yesterday was driving to the Melbourne Cup with no seat belt. Illegal and highly dangerous, yet no one ever seems to call these ladies [Martha and Jules] out.

“I’m genuinely confused why this is the case because seeing this makes my blood boil.”

Another added: “Agree, it’s bad no matter who does it.”

“They are just as bad if this is the case,” a third person said.

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