Reality TV juggernaut Abbie Chatfield has revealed the reason why she once turned down a $50,000 brand deal.

During the October 25 episode of her podcast, It’s A Lot; the 27-year-old discussed the Married at First Sight Australia 2022 cast, who recently started beefing with Abbie after she defended Domenica Calarco.

ICYMI: Olivia Frazer, Carolina Santos and Daniel Holmes were just a coupla names telling her to “stay in her lane” and to stop interfering for relevance (?!?).

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Reality TV juggernaut Abbie Chatfield has revealed the reason why she once turned down a $50,000 brand deal. Source: Instagram.

Of course, we all know that The Masked Singer panellist doesn’t need to “meddle” in MAFS drama to remain popular, a point Abbie even joked about on her pod.

“Sorry guys, I actually don’t need any of you to get anything,” she maintained. “[If] you guys saw what I f*cking turned down…

“Jesus f*cking Christ, you’d all have conniptions.”

Abbie hit back at the MAFS 2022 cast, stating she doesn’t need them to stay “relevant” like they claimed. Source: Nine.

Abbie then got into the nitty-gritty of a brand deal she refused due to an ethical conflict.

“The brand didn’t, like, morally align with me,” she explained, revealing she was offered “around $50,000 for a day”.

However, she said a big f*ck no to the collab because “it was fast fashion” and wouldn’t have signed on to promote it for any amount of money.

“I’d just feel so gross and dirty the whole day, you know what I mean? I’d just feel like yuck.”

Abbie Chatfield Hit Out at Carolina Santos Directly

In the same podcast, Abbie hit out at Carolina for suggesting The Bachelor “villain” should be on the MAFS baddies’ side because she went through “the same sh*t” as them.

However. Abbie clearly wasn’t happy with that comparison, arguing on It’s A Lot that she was “never mean to anyone”.

“Let’s be clear, I didn’t go through the same sh*t you went through,” Abbie said, adding that she related more to Domenica in the aftermath of reality TV.

“I was never rude to anyone, I never exposed someone’s OnlyFans, I was slut-shamed for humping someone on a beach and saying, ‘I want to f*ck you.’

“I went through what Dom went through, not what all of you went through,” Abbie said before suggesting Domenica was similarly “slut-shamed” for using the adult content app.

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