It turns out there’s a bit of history between Daniel Holmes and Jackson O’Doherty, who the intruder groom challenged to a fight after he won his Team Ellis boxing match against Married at First Sight co-star Brent Vitiello.

FYI: In his post-match speech at Melbourne Pavilion on October 15, Daniel called on the podcaster and YouTuber to “step up” and “avenge” his close mate Brent.

Naturally, onlookers were confused AF about this because, TBH, who the hell is Jackson, and why is Daniel trying to fight him?!

As revealed in episode 223 of the So Dramatic! podcast, it all kicked off when the TV groom initially asked the Outspoken Show host to fight him in the Team Ellis match before Brent accepted the gig.

As seen in screenshots provided to So Dramatic!, Daniel messaged Jackson on June 3 after people continued to tag the podcaster in his post about seeking an opponent for the October event.

“Some saying you’re looking to jump up late this year,” he wrote. “Could be the perfect opportunity. It’ll be my first too.”

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However, Jackson — who has garnered over two million followers on Instagram — said he was unavailable due to having already signed on to fight in the UK and America in late 2022.

“So it’ll be a no from me!” he replied, admitting to Daniel that the Australian fights “don’t get [him] very excited”.

“Could say I’m scared perhaps is the best way to put it,” he concluded, wishing his proposed opponent luck.

Why Did Daniel Holmes Call Jackson O’Doherty Out After His Fight?

In the lead-up to his stoush with Brent, Daniel discovered that his rival was actually mates with Jackson, ergo the callout following the match.

The 31-year-old saw it as an opportunity to “finally” get Jackson in the ring.

Taking to his Instagram Story with a Q&A following the fight, Daniel clarified whether there was “beef” between the pair.

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“A great man called Chael Sonnen once said, ‘The promotion for your next fight should begin as soon as your current fight finishes’,” he mused.

Noting that there’s “a storyline” to his challenge, Jackson clarified Jackson and Brent’s friendship and the fact he “tried to talk” to the influencer about going head-to-head in the past.

“I’m not trying to climb the ranks as a f*cking amateur boxer or professional,” he admitted. “I’m trying to have these exhibition matches with guys that are keen to take it seriously, and there’s a storyline there, and I think it works well.”

daniel brent boxing mafs fight
Brent told So Dramatic! that Daniel isn’t worthy of fighting Jackson. Source: Instagram.

What Did Brent Vitiello Say About Daniel Holmes Challenging Jackson O’Doherty to a Fight?

Speaking exclusively to So Dramatic!, Brent said he doesn’t think the proposed fight will happen.

“I don’t think Jackson will fight Daniel,” he admitted. “For these boxing matches to work, there must be two sides with a following or an actual rivalry.

“And with all due respect, Daniel has neither.”


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