Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Brent Vitiello has revealed he grew up suffering from “vicious ADHD”.

The fan-favourite TV groom addressed his attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosis for the first time during the October 16 episode of Jackson O’Doherty‘s podcast, Outspoken Show.

Brent shared his story after the influencer podcast host got candid about his struggles with the disorder, which includes symptoms such as inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsive behaviours.

“Over the years, my mental health took a huge hit and a big decline, more than it ever was in my younger years,” Jackson explained to the reality star. 

“I’ve had really bad bouts with depression and anxiety and PTSD, all sorts, and growing up with crazy ADHD, you know my brain’s either a million miles an hour, or it’s impossible to get out of bed.”

Then, Brent interrupted to admit he struggled with “vicious ADHD” in his formative years.

“I had the exact same thing,” Brent admitted. “This is why I got into combat sports. I was always angry.”

brent vitiello married at first sight daniel
“This is why I got into combat sports. I was always angry,” Brent revealed. Source: Instagram.

“As a young kid, I couldn’t handle emotion, so I was so harsh on myself and hated myself because I couldn’t figure out why I felt the way I did.”

According to the reality star and former bar manager, Brent is not treated with medication because he suffers from anxiety and is fearful that taking an amphetamine wouldn’t mix well.

Brent Vitiello’s TV Wife Has Also Been Diagnosed with ADHD

Brent’s TV wife, Tamara Djordjevic has also recently spoken about her own ADHD diagnosis.

“I got diagnosed when I was, like, 10,” she said in an interview with the Daily Mail. “Being a female is very different to being a male when you have ADHD.

“[I wouldn’t take medication] unless it affected my day-to-day life hugely, which it doesn’t. Having ADHD does make me a little bit crazy. I’ve learned to embrace it; I like it.”

brent tamara mafs 2022 final vows
Brent’s TV wife, Tamara Djordjevic, has also recently spoken about her own ADHD diagnosis. Source: Nine.

This also comes after Abbie Chatfield expressed her frustrations with living with ADHD.

Brent Vitiello had a Fiery Stoush with Daniel Holmes BEFORE the Team Ellis Boxing Event

During his October 14 weigh-in for the Team Ellis boxing event, Brent head-butted fellow MAFS alum and opponent Daniel Holmes in footage caught on camera by an on-looker.

The pair were eyeing each other off and exchanging barbs during their pre-match face-off; however, things quickly turned south when Brent grabbed Daniel’s face with both hands and pushed him backwards.

After three rounds, Daniel was declared the winner via the judge’s decision.

For more information on ADHD diagnosis, head to the ADHD Australia website.

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