The Bachelorette‘s Adam Todd is headed to Hollywood after making a cameo appearance alongside Chris Hemsworth in the latest Marvel movie, Thor: Love and Thunder.

Adam was most recently cast “Zeus Pretty Boy” in the recent addition to Thor franchise, which was filmed primarily in Sydney. Well, you can’t deny that it’s accurate casting!

The Bachelorette‘s Adam Todd has a new career path after making a cameo appearance in the latest Marvel movie Thor: Love and Thunder. Source: Marvel/Instagram.

An anonymous source close to Adam told the Daily Mail Australia that he has taken a serious interest in acting and is “considering auditioning for more roles” in Australia and overseas. Chookas!

Adam Todd Reveals His Role in Thor: Love and Thunder

Taking to Instagram after the latest Thor flick was released on July 7, Adam unveiled his “global fainting premiere.

He shared a screenshot from the scene in which Zeus accidentally removed all of Thor’s clothes. In the film, you can actually spot Adam in the corner of the scene.

It’s important to note that Adam didn’t ACTUALLY see Chris Hemsworth in the nude because his booty was CGI’d on. If it were real, we would have been fainting too. No acting training required!

He even put the film credit in his Instagram bio! This means he’s one of the few reality stars who admit to being an actor!

Adam also shared a screenshot of his new page on an official fandom page, writing: “Officially an MCU [Marvel Cinematic Universe] character!”

Adam Todd Instagram Thor movie credit
Adam He even put the film credit in his Instagram bio! Source: Instagram

Hilariously, the official Marvel fandom page used his Bachelorette promo pics. So uh, does this mean the Bachie franchise is canon in the MCU?

bachelorette adam todd credit MCU thor movie
The official Marvel fandom page used his Bachelorette promo pic. Source: Instagram

Adam Todd Joins the Growing List of Bachelor Franchise Alum Who Are Becoming Actors

Adam certainly isn’t the first Bachie star to make his way to the big screen!

The Bachelor Australia’s Romy Poulier also made a very random cameo in the 2022 film Ticket To Paradise, which was filmed on Hamilton Island in Australia and featured George Clooney and Julia Roberts.

With plenty of other upcoming blockbusters filmed in Aus, who knows what other reality stars will pop up in our fave flicks?

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