Heartbreak Island Australia 2022 has been full of make-ups and breakups, however, fans are super invested in whether Sean Wepener and Natasha Boon are still together post-show.

Entering the competition as Disruptors, the two dancers were already on the backfoot with their co-stars already building connections.

However, stripper Sean and choreographer Natasha struck up a fast romance and an even stronger game plan, proving that they were the duo to beat.

natasha sean heartbreak island
Are Heartbreak Island Australia 2022‘s Sean Wepener and Natasha Boon still together? Source: Seven.

With Heartbreak Island Australia drawing to a close, fans are left wondering whether the couple has gone the distance.

Unfortunately, it appears not, thanks to a very invested So Dramatic! spy!

Sliding into our DMs, they dished: “I have dirt… I know Natasha Boon and Sean aren’t together after the show.”

The insider also uncovered that not only have they gone their separate ways, but Natasha may very well have a new bae!

Does Heartbreak Island Australia‘s Natasha Boon Have a New Boyfriend?

Given Sean is based in Melbourne and Natasha is from New Zealand, the logistics of a long-standing relationship were murky from the get-go.

Now, the So Dramatic! spy revealed that Natasha appears to have found herself some love very close to home.

“Natasha is a New Zealander and is from my city,” they admitted. “She’s now been dating a guy I know of and it is all over his private Instagram.”

They went on to say that from what they can see online, “they have been dating since May”.

Earning themselves an A+ supersleuth merit, the spy also provided some pics that hammer home the theory.

As the source described, photos from May and June show the Heartbreak Island gal spending time and cuddling up with one particular Instagram user.

Similarly, several other photos show the pair’s budding romance as recent as an hour before the spy sent through the intel.

“Smoko with a view,” one caption teased.

While we’re devo Natasha and Sean didn’t make a go of it IRL, we’re super happy she’s managed to find a bae back home.

It’s currently unknown whether her on-screen bae has since found love too.

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