Abbie Chatfield has revealed she has already moved on from Konrad Bien-Stephen, telling her podcast listeners that she’s back on the dating scene.

The Masked Singer Australia 2022 panellist confirmed her split from the incoming The Challenge Australia beau on September 3.

Further reiterating that the breakup was amicable on the September 6 episode of her podcast, It’s a Lot, the 27-year-old said she’s “completely fine”.

abbie konrad
Abbie Chatfield has revealed she has already moved on from her breakup with Konrad Bien-Stephen. Source: Instagram.

“We’ve been broken up for a while. It happened two months ago. I’m completely fine… In fact, I’m wonderful,” she expressed.

“I’m single. I’m slutty. I’ve got a roster [of dates]. Feeling very single and slutty. I am so glad I can be out and single now. I am fully single. I am fully mingling now.”

She added: “Not to be a f*cking wanker, but I haven’t ever been this famous and single. I’ve never had this many people wanting to f*ck me so much.”

Abbie Chatfield Reveals She Is Dating Other People

Although she “hasn’t f*cked anyone that exciting” just yet, Abbie dished that there is one suitor that has her as giddy as ever, despite her wish to not get into another relationship for “at least a year”.

“I’m actually concerned about one of them at the moment [and] I’m like obsessed with this one person,” she admitted. “I’m just like, super horny all the time. I couldn’t sleep the other day after FaceTime sex because I was so horny. I woke up three times during the night to masturbate.”

Revealing that the person in question is “so hot”, the former Bachelor franchise icon dished: “I haven’t wanted to f*ck someone this badly…

“I actually can’t remember the last time — I’m sure it’s happened — but I feel like maybe it was my ex-boyfriend from when I was, like, 22 [years old] was the last time I was like I can’t sleep because I want to f*ck you so badly.”

Abbie then added: “I have like seven people on my roster. They might not even know that I want to f*ck them all.”

masked singer australia abbie chatfield
Abbie has revealed she’s now dating seven people at once following her recent split. Source: Ten.

Abbie Chatfield Shares Graphic Details About Her Sex Life

The serial reality TV star then went on to detail how she “almost squirted” whilst masturbating over one of her guys on her roster recently.

“I haven’t been this horny in forever,” she admitted. “f I f*ck this person and it’s even average, I feel like I will come like 15 times. You know when you’re so into someone you could just like touch my p*ssy with your hand at dinner and I would probably be dripping and almost come.”

She then went on to confess that “it’s nice to want someone” and to “FaceTime f*ck.”

“In between the times that we were FaceTiming, I would masturbate about him every time. Like, so hot,” Abbie detailed.

When her FaceTime partner asked her if she had masturbated about him, she replied: “Have I? F*cking puddles in my f*cking bed.” Before sharing that her dog Walter sniffed her sheets afterwards.

She concluded: “Now I’m getting frustrated because I just wanna f*ck someone in person, like whenever it’s like ‘oooh show me your pussy,’ it’s like, ‘ugh, see it in person’.”

abbie chatfield radio host
Abbie has graphic details about her sex life on her podcast. Source: Instagram.

What Did Abbie Chatfield Say About Her Breakup With Konrad Bien-Stephen?

Taking to her Instagram Story on September 3, Abbie addressed the rumours surrounding her and Konrad’s relationship.

“There has been obviously a lot of speculation about my relationship and a lot of articles and rumours and everything. I guess I just want to confirm that, yeah, Konrad and I are broken up,” she admitted.

“We’ve been broken up for a couple of months now. No one did anything bad or awful… There’s no drama to it.”

The Masked Singer Australia judge then clarified that the breakup was not a result of the couple being in an open relationship.

“Nothing bad happened. Please don’t write articles saying it was because we were in an open relationship. It wasn’t.”

Abbie Chatfield Wasn’t Sure If She Was Going to “Confirm” the Breakup

Even though there has been a lot of guesswork surrounding their relationship, Abbie told fans she wasn’t sure she was going to confirm the breakup.

“I feel like articles will just keep being written, and people will keep DMing me and commenting on my sh*t, and it’s really annoying and f*cking weird, to be honest because I don’t really owe any of you an explanation.”

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

Abbie continued: “I feel like usually when people in the public eye break up, people will be like, ‘but you’ve made your brand your relationship.’ I intentionally didn’t do that.

“So yeah, anyway, I just wanted to end it and just be able to be like, ‘yes, we’re broken up; it happened a few months ago,” she said.

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