Despite not yet publicly confirming whether they have split, Abbie Chatfield has referred to Konrad Bien-Stephen as her ex-boyfriend.

The pair sent fans into a tizzy after it appeared they’d broken up ahead of Konrad travelling to Argentina to film The Challenge Australia before reportedly hooking up with Megan Marx on set.

At the time, Abbie took to Instagram to address the rumours; however, she told all the nosy nellies that she “won’t be commenting on anything until [Konrad] is home”.

However, one keen-eared fan says she might have already let news of their breakup slip.

abbie konrad
Abbie Chatfield has referred to Konrad Bien-Stephen as her “ex” seemingly confirming they’ve called it quits. Source: Instagram @abbiechatfield.

Sliding into So Dramatic!‘s DMs, a listener of Abbie’s Hot Nights With Abbie Chatfield radio show said the topic came up during the August 31 broadcast.

“I noticed Abbie referred to Konrad as her ex on her radio show,” they revealed.

“She was talking about an ex-boyfriend and she said, ‘Not Konrad, my other ex, Scottish ex’. Something along those lines.” So we guess there’s our confirmation!

The listener said she was confused about whether she “missed something” due to Abbie’s previous declaration that she’d stay mum until Konrad was back in Australia.

However, she “definitely said ‘my other ex’.”

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

The loose-lipped comment comes after a source told So Dramatic! that the pair were “avoiding each other like ships in the night” before Konrad’s most recent reality stint.

The Daily Mail then solidified the speculation after an insider from The Challenge claimed that the reality beau had been telling people that he and Abbie have been “done for a while” and that she’d “friend-zoned” him.

What Did Konrad Bien-Stephen Tell People About His Relationship?

“Konrad was telling everyone on set that Abbie had stopped answering his calls and texts weeks before he jetted overseas,” they said on August 30.

At the time, the 31-year-old reportedly “[didn’t] know where he stands” with his bae.

abbie konrad
Konrad Bien-Stephen has reportedly told people that Abbie Chatfield “friend-zoned” him. Source: Instagram @abbiechatfield.

The insider continued: “She was telling him she wants to focus on her career and doesn’t have time to spend with him.

“She sort of just friend-zoned him before he was due to start filming.”

News of the couple’s Year Seven-esque antics come after rumours that Konrad was knocking boots with fellow Bachie alum Megan.

The duo were both residing in Buenos Aires while they filmed Paramount+’s new reality start-studded series.

What Has Been Said About Konrad Bien-Stephen and Megan Marx?

According to the Daily Mail, “the drama is insane” on The Challenge set.

Konrad is sleeping with Megan [Marx],” an insider revealed to the outlet. “Konrad said he was single, and his relationship with Abbie was over because she broke up with him.”

“On the first night of filming, he hooked up with Megan. I didn’t know what was happening,” they confessed.

megan marx konrad
Konrad reportedly began hooking up with fellow Bachelor star Megan Marx on the set of The Challenge. Source: Instagram @megan.leto.marx.

However, they added it was “extremely awkward” as “he was all over her the second [they] started filming”.

“It was like he was trying to make Brooke [Blurton] jealous because she was there too.”

Now, this tidbit was made all the more interesting because fans were convinced Megan was still with her boyfriend, Keith Newman. However, it’s since been revealed that the pair split some time ago.

Abbie Chatfield Addressed Breakup Rumours

After rumours of Abbie and Konrad’s breakup ran rampant, the It’s a Lot podcaster commented on the matter.

Taking to her Instagram Story, she said she’s “seen the articles about Konrad”.

“He’s out of the country, so I won’t be commenting on anything until he’s home,” she penned.

“Can every one [sic] not be so dramatic pls and relax… Both of us are totally okay.”

abbie response konrad split
Source: Instagram @abbiechatfield.

She then asked that the “paparazzi get their daily pic” of her “picking up dog poo” and leave her to “get a coffee in peace”.

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