Farmer Wants a Wife Australia producers had to devise unique ways to ensure there weren’t any 2021-esque scandals to damage the show’s wholesome rep in 2022.

ICYMI: Last year’s season was a hectic spectacle — from fake farmers to alleged criminals and a bloke who literally could not keep it in his pants! It was indeed the gift that kept on giving.

FWAW has historically spruiked itself as the “most successful” reality dating series (boasting nine marriages and a whole lot of babies), so it’s no surprise that producers wanted to distance themselves from the not-so-family-friendly elements that emerged in 2021.

As reported in episode 209 of the So Dramatic! podcast, an on-set source revealed producers had taken a rather unusual route to make the 2022 season scandal-free.

Farmer Wants a Wife 2022 Planted Fake Contestants To Find Anybody Not on The Show for the “Right Reasons”

The insider revealed to So Dramatic! that producers had planted moles during first night of filming to weed out any possible troublemakers.

The fake contestants (so much better than fake farmers) ensured the men and women were there for “the right seasons”.

“The fakes were really obvious,” they said and even suggested the moles were planted to trick contestants into making good TV.

Scandals or no scandals, make up your mind!

But the fakes were “really obvious”, according to our spy. They even suggested the moles were planted to trick contestants into making good TV. Source: Seven.

While it certainly weeded out the good from the bad, it could have also been a ploy to drum up some extra drama, showcasing who would jump at the chance to get involved.

The source also confirmed that all the contestants who made it past the first stage were lovely, so whatever they did with the planted people worked to maintain and control their brand.

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