The Masked Singer Australia fans have called out host Osher Günsberg after he roasted viewers who complained about him spoiling the show.

After Blowfly was revealed to be Australian Idol icon Shannon Noll, Osher tweeted that he knew it was Nollsie, despite the show still airing in other states.

“Er… timezone, dude. Rooster has just finished singing in South Australia,” the viewer noted before the host hit back to say it wasn’t his fault the fan’s viewing experience was spoiled.

“Oh, I’m so sorry that I came into your house, unlocked your phone, and forced you to look at an app,” Osher sarcastically replied. “I won’t do it again.

“Also, if you don’t know to not look at Twitter when you don’t live in an east coast timezone – you probably shouldn’t own a phone.” LOL.

While several fans concurred with Osher’s sentiment, other’s dubbed the TV personality “unprofessional”.

“Very unprofessional response,” one penned.

Another wrote: “True, but in some vein, maybe you could stay away for a while until everybody gets to see it before commenting on social media?

“Goes both ways, mate. Common sense and decorum,” 

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Another salty viewer of The Masked Singer said Osher’s reveal forced them to “tune out” of the show.

“So those of us not on the east coast shouldn’t own a phone – what an arrogant remark … I’ve tuned out now.”

How Did Osher Günsberg Know Shannon Noll Was Blowfly?

It’s iconic that the duo has come full circle, given that Osher hosted Australian Idol the year Shannon was robbed, runner-up.

However, Osher’s reason for suspecting Shannon was under the mask is even wilder.

osher shannon noll
Osher had a very specific reason for believing Shannon was under the mask. Source: Ten.

In his tweet (read: spoiler), the host dished that he doesn’t see the clues nor hear the voices while the performers sing.

“But I KNEW it was Shannon 2 eps [sic] ago when he tapped me on the shoulder and then poked me in the eye,” he said. “Which is the exact trick he used to do back on Idol.”

osher tweet
Source: Twitter.


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