Who buzzes in tune to Adele‘s Easy On Me and sounds a lot like a former Australia Idol contestant? The Masked Singer Australia 2022’s Blowfly, that’s who!

The fourth season of the hit singing competition has riled fans right up, with many unable to swat away the feeling that they’re veerrrrry familiar with the performer under the fly AF mask.

Now, the blowfly is a pretty iconic Aussie pest and who better to don the fit than another iconic Aussie mainstay, A.K.A Shannon Noll!

Yup, we are so down with the theory that Nollsie is The Masked Singer Australia‘s Blowfly, and here’s why.

The Masked Singer Australia‘s Blowfly Clues Match Up with Shannon Noll

The clues dished out on The Masked Singer are always pretty telling, and Blowfly’s set of hints is no different.

While the panellists have guessed that Daniel Ricciardo, Stevie Nicks, Charli Robinson and Freddie Flintoff are sporting the get-up, many viewers think the clues pertain more to Shannon.

For example, a number of the hints can be applied to Nollsie’s songs:

  • “I know I can be loud” — he has a song called Loud.
  • “There’s nothing I like more than cruising in a big V8” — the car reference could refer to one of Shannon’s most famous hits, Drive, which includes the lyrics, “I’ve got a big black shiny car”.
  • “I’ve spent my time in the sun” — Shine is another famous song of his.
  • “Those days of innocence are behind me” — Days of Innocence was the Moving Pictures’ album that Shannon’s most famous cover, What About Me, was originally released on.

Plus, the visual of Blowfly playing cricket could allude to his cover of our cricket anthem, C’mon Aussie C’mon.

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Another video clue seemed very outlandish when a pizza box was opened to reveal a yabby. The pizza motif was repeated when Blowfly visited a store that advertised German sausage pizza.

Now, Shannon once performed at Oktoberfest (hence the German sausage). He even released a yabby-baiting product just this year (!!) called Bait Bomb.

Come on, you can’t tell us that’s a coincidence!

Plus, in 2018, Shannon gave away free pizza by performing and teaming up with Menulog!

There was also a reference to Blowfly being “king of the mountain”; Shannon was once offered a role in the biographical film King of the Mountain, based on motorsports legend Peter Brock.

Is Blowfly’s Outfit a Hint In Itself?

Some fans thought The Masked Singer 2022’s Blowfly’s orange pizza delivery outfit was a nod to Pauly Fenech‘s Fat Pizza vs. Housos film.

However, we’re going to go a little more basic to suggest that the orange ‘fit is a direct reference to Shannon’s birthplace of Orange, NSW.

One clue alluded to “the boy with the dragon tattoo” and it’s no secret that Nollsie is inked up. If anyone has any intimate intel about the exact tattoos, pls hit us up.

Does the orange outfit allude to Shannon noll’s birthplace or Pauly Fenech’s Fat Pizza ‘fit? Source: Ten.

And lastly, the most damning evidence of all that Shannon Noll is Blowfly… THAT VOICE!

We’d know that raspy rocker sound anywhere!

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