The Block has well and truly kicked off for 2022, but Blockheads have already started noticing that this season is missing an essential aspect of the beloved reno show – the renovation.

With the Elle Ferguson and Joel Patfull drama taking the forefront of The Block‘s advertising and actual run-time, it’s little surprise that the editors had to leave a lot of building footage on the cutting room floor.

But while some The Block fans are eating up the drama (like us, NGL), others wish there was more, you know, actual construction on a show about renovation and building. Fair call.

elle joel the block hi-vis
The Block has well and truly kicked off for 2022, but Blockheads have already started to notice this season is missing an important aspect of the beloved renovation show – the building. Source: Nine.

“Am I the only one noticing that not a lot of the actual build process has been shown? Just tiny snippets here and there,” one fan asked on a private Facebook fan group, while another claimed they haven’t “seen any work yet”.

“The building aspect has been dying years,” a Blockhead replied. “Sadly, producers do not seem to realise or care that a lot of people actually enjoy the building side of the show. Nowadays, a lot of people enjoy drama and this brings in the numbers.”

“I taped it and watched it later,” a third wrote. “However, [I had to] fast forward through so many ads, tent mattress caravan, hour work down penalty, Scotty [Cam] waiting for tile service etc. Ahhh there’s the episode in a nutshell [sic].” 

Another agreed: “I’m finding this lot [of contestants] are trying to be comical. Just get on with the build [sic].”

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“I’m finding it really annoying, I thought the building should be the main part of the show, definitely not so far,” another said.

However, one fan shared their own theory, writing: “That’s because all the work is done by the builders/tradies/interior designers. Contestants are just filmed for the entertainment factor of the show.”

The Real Star of The Block 2022 is Scotty Cam’s Dog Frankie

Fans joked that Scotty Cam’s dog Frankie was the show’s “hardest worker”. It takes a lot of effort to be that cute!

the block frankie
While fans had their complaints about the 2022 season, everybody seemed to love Frankie the dog. Source: Nine.

“Frankie should be able to renovate his own kennel,” one fan said.

“The dog, Frankie, is the only thing worth watching,” another claimed.

Fans on Facebook Reckon The Block‘s Drama is Cringeworthy and “Staged”

Across social media, The Block fans shared their complaints about the “cringey” drama, with many explaining it appeared fake or “staged”.

“I don’t watch it anymore. You can see it is all pre-rehearsed. Like a soap opera drama,” one fan wrote.

Another complained: “It’s all about the drama, oh and some tradies doing something.”

“Go back 5 or 6 seasons – relatively normal people. Yes please! Good hard working normal people,” a third said.

dylan jenny the block
Blockheads complained the 2022 contestants were trying too hard to be “comical”. Source: Nine.

But others felt the complaints were unwarranted, explaining there were similar issues “with any decent program”, with one fan even telling a post author to just “get used to it”. Ouch!

Well, it seems like we should give a shout-out to Frankie for singlehandedly keeping some of these Blockheads watching in 2022.

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