While there are still a few weeks left on the clock, So Dramatic! can exclusively reveal which contestants make the Big Brother Australia 2022 final four.

**SPOILER ALERT: The following contains potential spoilers for upcoming episodes of Big Brother Australia.

This year’s competition has been a gnarly one, with newbies and OG contestants all hoping to win a bucketload of cash through manipulation tactics and favouritism.

Now, as the numbers dwindle, fans are left wondering who really has what it takes to be this year’s BBAU victor.

big brother australia 2022 tim and reggie
So Dramatic! can exclusively reveal which Big Brother contestants make the final four. Source: Seven.

As revealed in episode 196 of the So Dramatic! podcast, just one former cast member makes it to the final four.

Yup, Regina “Reggie” Bird is the last OG to make a bid for the win. And, if she’s successful, will become the first-ever two-twice Big Brother Australia winner.

Joining Reggie in the Big Brother final four will also be fresh faces Johnson Ashak, Aleisha Campbell and Taras Hrubyj-Piper.

While we’d love for Reggie to win big again, sources say one of the newbies is being set up to take out the top prize!

Producers Have Been “Editing” Big Brother to Favour a Particular Contestant

One Big Brother insider dished to So Dramatic! that producers have edited the show in a way that favours Johnson.

“They have been editing the show to make Johnson win. He’s getting a great edit,” they said of the superfan.

“They have been focusing on him being a massive fan of the show and the fan favourite [and] they are playing that side of him really well.”

Considering viewers will ultimately decide the winner via voting, this is a great way to win brownie points!

johnson ashak aleisha campbell big brother winner
Big Brother producers are positioning Johnson as the series winner. Source: Seven.

The source also said that the last remaining contestants are “always looked after with their edits and during filming”.

Accordingly, Reggie, Taras, Johnson and Aleisha were reportedly always granted access to the diary room “any time”.

“They were favoured the whole way through,” the insider alleged. “The same happens every other season. It’s like they pick them early on and go, ‘Yep, this is the storyline we’re building for them, this is who we want to win.'”

We guess we will have to watch this space and see who takes home the top prize at the grand finale!

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