Australia, get ready — hectic AF TV series The Challenge is headed down under and it’s pitting a whole lot of your favourite reality stars against each other.

First, we had Team Ellis Boxing giving reality stars a place to go head to head. Now, reality TV rivalries are going global in collaboration with Paramount+.

The Challenge is described as a sport-cross-reality TV series by MTV and has just wrapped up its 37th (!!!) season in the US.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds is coming to Australia and will feature a number of popular reality stars. Source: MTV.

Australia will get in on the action as part of The Challenge: War of the Worlds. This will see four countries — Australia, the US, the UK and Argentina — produce their own nation-specific version of The Challenge in the first phase of the competition.

Then, the winners of each country’s local version (Part 1) will compete against each other in the final, AKA Part 2.

Paramount+ will host War of the Worlds — particularly Part 2 — but each local version will also be broadcast on the main network associated with the streaming platform in each respective country.

For us Aussies, that’s Channel 10.

How Does The Challenge Work Exactly?

On The Challenge, contestants compete against each other in a series of extreme activities to keep themselves out of elimination.

For the stars who manage to survive these challenges with their skills and physicality, they’ll progress towards the finale — a big ol’ pot of prize money.

For any Survivor or Big Brother stars venturing onto this new series, they’ll have an upper hand fo’ sho. The Challenge is built on strategy and social game, something that’s at the root of both the above mentioned shows.

the challenge war of the worlds
The Challenge combines physicality and social strategy. Source: MTV.

There’s also no limit to the number of times a star can compete on the show, with multiple US contestants competing on back-to-back seasons.

ATM, we don’t know when The Challenge will air, nor who is going to compete. However, we’d like to suggest MAFSBrent Vitiello and Daniel Holmes have it out on-screen for the whole world to see!

Do We Know of Anyone Who Has Competed On The Challenge Before?

The Challenge US has seen a plethora of international reality stars grace its competition in the past.

However, only one Aussie has ever competed.

Dee Nguyen, who appeared on Geordie Shore when the hit series was filmed in Bondi, appeared on THREE back-to-back seasons.

dee nguyen the challenge
Aussie and Geordie Shore star Dee Nguyen appeared in three seasons of The Challenge. Source: MTV.

During her second stint, the 29-year-old won the competition and pocketed $250,000 USD in prize money.

MTV later cut ties with the reality star during her third go-around, largely editing her out due to her controversial comments over the Black Lives Matter movement. She has since been held to account for a series of ableist jokes made in regards to a dating profile, too.

“The next evolution of global reality competition” is just around the corner. So, check out the trailer for The Challenge: War of the Worlds below:

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