Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Olivia Frazer has slammed KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show for utilising a video from her and boyfriend Jackson Lonie‘s OnlyFans pages on-air.

The 28-year-old took to Instagram to point out the “disgusting” segment, after her MAFS co-stars Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding appeared on the show to talk about their new podcast, Sit With Us.

During the interview, Domenica discussed living with PTSD, which she was diagnosed with as a result of the many confrontational MAFS dinner parties.

Radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands took this as the perfect segue to bring up Olivia and Jackson’s foray onto OnlyFans.

“Did you see Olivia jerking off mushroom d*ck the other day on OnlyFans?” he asked. Ella then queried how Kyle came across the video.

“I’m not paying… It gets sent in here,” he clarified before the video was then shown in the studio.

Olivia has called out Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Henderson for distributing her OnlyFans content. Source: Instagram @kiis1065.

“There he is, look, look. There he is and that’s her hand there,” Kyle explained.

The video was also mentioned later in the interview after Domenica had dialled in her MAFS husband, Jack Millar.

After the segment wrapped up, Olivia, jumped on her Instagram Stories to condemn the show.

Tagging the Kyle and Jackie O Show‘s own page, she penned: “ya’ll are f*cked. [sic].”

In response to the wide backlash both the show and the MAFS brides received in the wake of the segment, Ella confessed that they had “no idea” they were going to be shown the video.

“I wanted… to clarify we clearly had no idea what [Kyle and Jackie O] were about to show us,” she wrote in the So Dramatic! Facebook group. “Literal shocked. Hard to unsee what I saw.”

ella mafs kyle jackie o onlyfans
Ella confessed that they had “no idea” they were going to be shown Olivia and Jackson’s video. Source: Supplied.

She added that she was “[not] shaming anyone”, however, “when a p*nis comes on a screen how else [are] you mean to react”?

“It was a lot for 8AM.”

Olivia Frazer Accuses the Kyle and Jackie O Show of Illegally Distributing Her OnlyFans Content

In her criticisms, Olivia called Kyle and co-host Jackie O Henderson‘s actions “hypocritical”, given they called her out on-air for a similar incident in which she maliciously distributed Domenica’s OnlyFans content among the MAFS cast.

“Just me wondering why Kyle and Jackie O thought it would be a good idea to, you know, distribute mine and Jackson’s private video that is meant to be protected from behind a paywall,” she said. 

olivia jackson video statement
Olivia said she and Jackson were “shamed” for their OnlyFans content. Source: Instagram @olivefrazer.

The controversial bride then added that the segment “shamed” and “made fun” of the couple.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit hypocritical? Like, isn’t that why everyone hates me, because I allegedly did that?” she questioned. “I didn’t, but that’s what people think I did.”

Olivia continued by dubbing the radio show’s behaviour as “disgusting”, noting that “people should be ashamed of themselves”.

She also reiterated the extent to which she’s struggled since Married at First Sight finished airing.

“I’ve shouted from the rooftops, ‘I’m not okay’. I’ve barely survived MAFS,” a teary Olivia said.

“I don’t need to be shamed and have more hate and vitriol perpetuated towards me, especially from arguably one of the biggest shows in Australia.” 

The segment, of which a video was shared on Instagram by the Kyle and Jackie O Show, has since been removed.

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