Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022 star Ronnie Caceres is about to be involved in an on-screen feud with Carla from Bankstown and Australia’s National Treasure, Turia Pitt.

As reported in episode 189 of the So Dramatic! podcast, a source came forward saying that Ronnie was “not well-liked” among the cast.

While he was awesome to watch on The Block, it seems his likability shifted on the set of Celebrity Apprentice, where he was reportedly rude to a number of contestants — and Carla was having precisely none of it.

What Happened Between Ronnie and Turia on Celebrity Apprentice 2022?

According to our source, Ronnie was a “piece of sh*t to Turia” and excusez-moi?

“It all started after the campsite retreat challenge [in Week One] where Turia stole items from the boys [camp], which was wrong,” the source dished. “She [Turia] apologised, however, Ronnie wouldn’t let it go.”

Ronnie and Turia have a huge fight on the set of Celebrity Apprentice Australia 2022. Source: Nine.

Reportedly, after the incident, Ronnie had it in for Turia and continued to hold a grudge.

“They end up having a huge fight and it is explosive!” our insider added.

The Celebrity Apprentice Cast All Turned on Ronnie

While his beef with Turia was pretty bad, the same source also revealed that Ronnie was less than pleasant with some of the other women.

“He just spoke to them badly,” they dished. “It was pretty horrible. A lot of the cast turned on him because of the way he treated some of the women on the show.”

Carla, who, let’s face it, is carrying this show, calls Ronnie out during an episode and calls him a “bully”. OOFT!

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

“She [Carla] felt bad for Turia and wanted to stand up for her and the women in the cast.”

Women standing up for women? We LOVE to see it!

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