Someone on Reddit tried to pay Married at First Sight Australia 2022‘s Olivia Frazer $30 to apologise to her long-running nemesis, Domenica Calarco.

Olivia has capitalised on her post-experiment fame with a Memmo account, where creators can charge “fans” for personalised video messages.

Now – as reported in episode 186 of the So Dramatic! podcast – one sneaky user saw the opportunity to do God’s work.

“Should I take one for the team and pay her $30 to make her apologise to Dom?” one user joked in a MAFS Reddit forum.

Literally everyone agreed that they should do it, so they submitted an order to Olivia for a Memmo video.

But, unfortunately (for us drama-thirsty folk at home) Olivia cancelled the request!

It is unclear exactly what the user wanted Olivia to say sorry for, but there are several options.

Since When Has Olivia Been On Memmo?

As reported in episode 182 of the So Dramatic! podcast, the controversial bride has set up a profile on the platform following her stint on the infamous experiment.

Olivia – who describes herself in her bio as a “TV Personality – Married At First Sight S9” – is charging $30 for a personalised vid.

Her Memmo account reads: “Hey! Olivia here! Are you looking to brighten up someone’s day? Order a video from me if you know someone who’s got a special occasion coming up or needs cheering up or a laugh.”

Olivia’s page includes examples of videos she has created already, including multiple Mother’s Day shout outs.

So Dramatic! Daily podcast

In a pre-buck do message addressed to someone named Woodsy, Olivia’s MAFS partner Jackson Lonie makes a cameo.

She certainly seems to be a popular pick for Memmo users!

Olivia Is Not the Only MAFS Star to Join Memmo

As it turns out, Olivia is not the only MAFS star to join Memmo.

Her co-stars Dion Giannarelli, Selin Mengu, Holly Greenstein, Anthony Cincotta and Matt Ridley also have accounts on the platform.

married at first sight memmo
Several of Olivia’s MAFS costars have Memmo accounts as well. Source: Memmo.

Married at First Sight alumni Cyrell Paule and Cam Merchant also have Memmo profiles, among others.

The cost of a personalised message ranges from $30 for most of the 2022 cast, to $77 for Cyrell.

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