The Married at First Sight Australia reunion is always full of surprise make-ups and break-ups, but it turns out the cast knows much more than they let on heading into the finale.

This year’s Married at First Sight reunion saw the contestants shell-shocked to learn that Mitch Eynaud and Ella Ding rekindled their romance between filming. After all, the last they heard was that Mitch wasn’t willing to commit to his bride IRL.

Or was it?

One past contestant reveals that the cast is just “acting” when they go to the Married at First Sight reunion. Source: Nine.

As discussed in the latest episode of So Dramatic!‘s AFTERMAFS series, MAFS alum Beck Zemek dished that the cast “have seen each other” and “spoken many times” before they reunite on camera.

In fact, they’re all chilling outside the venue before making their big entrance!

“Before they all go into the reunion… they’re sitting outside probably about two, three metres apart,” she said before adding that they are “told not to speak” to each other.

“[Producers] are like, ‘You can’t go in there and talk about anything outside of the experiment’,” Beck dished. “You actually have to go in there and pretend that the last time you’ve seen each other was literally just before Final Vows.”

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“Everyone goes in there and tries their best… We’re just like, ‘Hi, oh my god, no way’. [The 2022 cast] did okay, but pretty shit acting, if you ask me.”

Beck also revealed that, naturally, castmates keep in touch during the filming break.

“You don’t just stop messaging,” she said. “Everyone would have known [what happened].”

Filming Takes Much Longer Than It Appears On Screen

You know those short 20-second clips of the participants chatting to the camera about what’s going down within the group? It turns out they take a hell of a lot longer to film than what we see in the final edit.

“One-on-one interviews… they go for, luke, up to an hour,” Beck spilled to host Megan Pustetto, adding that these “voxxies” are typically filmed before the dinner party.

“You know how you see everyone in their hotel room getting ready? You have to already be ready before they rock up,” she said. “Then you’ll stand there and they’ll voxxie you. They’ll just go room to room to voxxie [contestants] and get as much information as they can.”

According to Beck, producers may “even go back and [re-interview] someone” if they haven’t discussed a key event that other contestants are talking about.

“The sad thing is… everyone will have that interview and then when you watch it on TV, they only show three people.”

Beck concluded: “There’s so much that does get left on the cutting room floor….unless it is juicy”. And don’t we know it!

Married at First Sight Dinner Parties Go for HOURS

As for the ACTUAL dinner parties, the duration of filming “depends on how fast you kick things off”.

“The head producer will call it as a wrap as soon as she knows that she’s got pretty solid content,” Beck said. “She’ll keep you there as long…as she needs to.

“The drinks will keep flowing until they decide to let them stop.” Ummmm, sounds dangerous!!

Married at First Sight reunion dinner party
According to Beck, the dinner parties will often wrap up in the early hours of the morning. Source: Nine.

The 2021 bride also confessed that the contestants are unaware of the time until after they’re released from filming for the night.

“Sometimes we get out and we look at the time [and] it’s like 2 AM or 3 AM and that’s just depending on when it kicks off,” she admitted. “You learn pretty much early on in the piece, the faster [the dinner party] kicks off, the faster you go home.

“So if you’ve got something to say, you might as well just say it… otherwise, you can stay there until someone says something.”

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